Baby vest

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Handmade Faux Fur Baby Vest

I really enjoy sewing baby things and clothes, it helps my baby fever. I taught myself to sew while I was pregnant a few years ago with my son and have come a long ways. So fun to find the perfect fabric for each project and something satisfying to put it all together. And the seeing the final result is just amazing. My idol inspiration is one of the best Crafty Sewing Mama’s from Made Everyday with Dana. She’s also from my hometown Austin, TX which is one of the coolest cities I know. She has the best how to videos that guide and help you with any downfalls in sewing with all kinds of fabric. I found this awesome fabric at Hobby Lobby on sale which is even better. If you download the Hobby Lobby app on your phone there always is a coupon to scan which is always handy, right now it’s 40% OFF regular priced item. Every Penny Counts. The lovely Bambi themed soft cotton fabric I used for the inner vest so it’s soft for the babies skin and the faux fur off white fabric for the outer layer.


You Will Need: Fabric Scissors, Ruler and/or measuring table board, matching thread, sewing machine and/or serger, pins, suede string and/or ribbon, old baby vest for making pattern, 2 fabrics faux fur/cotton (1/2 yard each)

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First, trace a paper pattern from an old existing baby vest which I used a 3-6 months size (front left side, front right side, inner right, inner left, back side and inner back) Next, pin down the fabric with the paper patterns so it doesn’t move. Once you have all the patterns cut out it’s time to sew along the edge with 1/2 inch seam allowance with right sides together, which means the right sides won’t be seen bc wrong sides will be shown.

Pieces shown here cut to pattern from old baby vest. Also rounded front of vest after pic taken

Basically each piece is about 9″x7″ which means you will end up with (1) faux fur fabric back side piece, (1) cotton fabric inside back piece, (2) faux fur fabric front right/left side pieces, (2) cotton fabric inside right/left side pieces(shown below), I also used a suede cord 20 inches and cut in half for each side. For me the toughest part is cutting and pinning together all the pieces so once this is good then it’s smooth sailing from here. As long as your sewing the right sides the right way and let me tell you I have made many mistakes and have learned from just trying over and over.

All pieces cut->total 6 shown
Wrong Sides showing->Right Sides pinned together

Then once all your pieces are cut then your ready to sew. As you can see (below) the cotton bambi fabric and the faux fur fabric are RIGHT SIDES touching and just pin all the way around. MAKE SURE you leave an opening for the suede 10″ cord on each side.


Making sure you leave an opening(1-2 inches) to TURN EACH piece the right way. Then sew along the edges now 1/2″ seam allowance. Once done and turned the right way. Close up the opening carefully making sure its pinned as well unless you go slowly. I left opening for front two pieces and added suede ties now to each side then sewed shut nicely.

Front Side shown pinned w/ suede ties

Finally sewing each piece together front pieces on top of back piece but make sure the fur is not showing. As you can see above that the cotton bambi fabric is on top and when flipped is shown below. After sewing together make sure all pieces are intact and no openings. I did have to go back and sew edges of a few opening where the fabric didn’t properly sew together.

Adding tag to inside while sewing together front and back pieces of vest

So the ending result turned out awesome for my first baby vest. Not too shabby. Hope you enjoyed and hope you try too. Good Luck!


XOXO Tosha Lynn 


December Glam Bag

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December Glam Bag Review

 In the cold winter month of December I received my fun Glam Ipsy Bag I wait for every month. And it comes like clock work in the middle of the month. It’s awesome like a gift surprise package that comes in this hot pink shiny bag that’s addressed to Me?! This month I did get some great things that I tried them all and sharing my review here for all the beauty product lovers like me. In this December Glam Bag which was by the way so fab and reminded me of Disney’s Frozen. A light blue bag with shimmery silver glitter on top that was the perfect theme for the winter blues!

December Ipsy Glam Bag

The first product was a face cleanser by First Aid Beauty which was creamy and has a scent of a mild soap that is gentle to your skin. It’s great to use after a long day and helps completely remove your makeup and even clears out pores. After washing and drying my face it felt smooth and really refreshed. Not only that very young feeling to the touch, I’ll take that even if it’s for the night. I love that it’s perfect for sensitive skin types which I’m guilty of that.

Smashbox Cosmetics eyeliner in fishnet which was a black liner. Now the brand is a winner already but I had to try it out for myself and it goes on so smooth but also can be easily blended for a cat eye. Also it’s waterproof and can vouch for that one because I did wear it while it rained…still stayed on nice and pretty as I applied it. I usually get the skinny eyeliner but if you like the thicker eyeliner pencil then it’s just right!


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The next product I pulled out of the bag was a brush from Luxie Beauty. Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239! I have tons of brushes from Ipsy and I don’t mind but I can admit I have not used about half of them. Honestly unless I use a brush for every makeup application and toss it, then I could go through every brush. But it is soft and has a pretty ombre coloring on bristles. Also the soft bristles are synthetic which means no furry friends were harmed during the process of making this fluffy new brush. Thumbs up for animal lovers!!!

Before-No Makeup

One of my favorite beauty products to get in my glam bag is the mascara. I have very short thin eyelashes that tend to fall out so much, so not fair!? But now days they have so many mascara’s that make your lashes look fuller and plumper. I got the Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL in Black which is my top mascara in my makeup bag since I first used it. It give super volume with the bristles grabbing ever lash and lifting it up like a push up bra…no joke. I didn’t even have to apply much because it coats so well. That’s a big time saver in my life. I would highly recommend to buy this for fuller lashes and a great lift for the day and lasts all night. In the pics below you can see how it added length like extensions for the day. And I will say it comes off easily in shower.

After-Makeup w/ Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL
After-Makeup w/ Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL


Now I saved the best for last review here! Love trying new shades of lipsticks, glosses, and melted matte to match different shades of outfits. The name of this pretty dusty rose opaque matte lipstick is Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B…the name says it all. Definitely caught my eye and when I tried it even fell more in love with it. Made with avocado oil, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid spheres(bubbles that hold onto moisture), happy lips. It goes on smooth and is such a pretty shade of dusty rose which I don’t have yet so excited to add to my colors. It even makes your lips look fuller and plumper! I even did a snapchat pic because it matched the ears(LOL) Snapchat Queen!

Too Faced Queen B melted matte dusty rose
Snapchat Queen Mama in Too Faced Queen B matte

I highly recommend signing up for Ipsy Glam Bags which is only $10 per month. Choose your favorite brand names and you can edit your profile whenever you want as trends change. Get 5 beauty makeup products in a chic fab bag every month and review the products to get points. Which add up and you can get bonus beauty products for Free with the points. Click below to sign up through my link here!

Also if anyone wants to try the Ipsy beauty makeup bag for FREE just leave your first name,last name and email but ONLY for the first 5 people! Hope you enjoyed.

XOXO Tosha Lynn

Slime Time

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Slime Time

The fun kid friendly crafty icky sticky messy Slime that all kids are raving about. We decided to try out the Slime Kit at Hobby Lobby and show how easy it is as 1,2,3 to make in no time. The kit comes with everything you will need to make the slime but you will also need a bowl, spatula, storage container, and cleaning supplies(no joke!). Below is everything that comes in the kit and it can make 2 doses of slime. The container and the foam beads did NOT come with the kit. But my son wanted to add these to his glittery sparkly sticky slime for fun texture! Warning be careful when you open the bag of foam beads because they go everywhere.


Supplies Needed:

(1) 5 oz Clear Glue

(1)2.3 oz Magical Liquid

(1) Spatula

(1) Mixing Bowl

(1) Glitter Glue Pen(any color)

(1) Container(ziplock bag works)

Mini Foam Beads(handful)

Cleaning supplies: soap, sanitizer, clorox wipes


So now it is slime time once we had all of our supplies ready to go! Poured in the clear 5 oz glue, then the glitter glue pen of kids choice, and the 2.3 oz magical liquid. Mix, Mix, Mix very thoroughly with a spatula while its setting all together consistently. We added the mini foam beads after 2 minutes and then used our hands to knead together carefully because it’s very sticky and has a mind of its own. Wasn’t too fond of how sticky this stuff is and how it really, really sticks to your hands and fingers.

Steps: Place (1) 5 oz clear glue, (1) Magical liquid, (1) Glitter glue pen, and/or mini Foam Beads all together. Knead with hands after 2-5 minutes. 

It’s super easy to do and it was fun to do this crafty slime experiment with my son. We usually buy the already made slime that comes in all different colors and/or putty that glows or changes colors. But this is definitely a great crafty DIY to involve a 4+ year old and have a great little helper.

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Now it’s Slime Time! We do have a baby in the house so we have to be careful not to leave out or where he can reach. Which the container or a ziplock bag is great for keeping moist and not drying out. Enjoy!


XOXO Tosha Lynn

New Mexico Trip

 New Mexico Family Trip

 We live in South Texas were it is always warm, hot humid and it only  snows once in about every decade. So we decided to plan a family trip to Cloudcroft, New Mexico with our family for a week. Which is a small town with a population less than 700. We headed out on Christmas day with 4 boys on our journey traveling 13 hours,which BTW is our longest drive in the car. I also just got a new SUV for Christmas and excited to break it in and travel in style in my new 2017 GMC Acadia. Yes, very blessed. But just in time because we traded my older Acadia that was having problems. We had to buy several things for our upcoming trip like snow boots, pants, thermals, warm hats, waterproof gloves, and warm waterproof jackets for the whole family. Kids were so excited to actually get to see and walk in the snow because it was a first for us all. Except my hubby because he use to go with his parents and siblings as a kid and loved it. They also came with us and were excited to get to visit with their grandkids. The most important part of taking the kids out to the snow and spending hours is making sure you have the proper attire so nobody gets frostbite or sick.

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After a very long car ride to New Mexico from Texas which was about 13 hours plus stopping for gas a few times, snacks, food, potty breaks, and bonus minus the time change which meant we gained an hour. Woo hoo! When you least expect it and surprise we got to sleep an extra hour which we definitely needed it after that long drive. The only advice I would pass on as for driving for so long with a car full of kids is to be prepared as much as possible. We packed snacks, tablets with chargers, phones with chargers, battery packs charged, pillows, blankets, and comfy clothes to wear on the trip.

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On the first day we cruised around to check out the beautiful scenery while we drove through the mountains. In Cloudcroft the higher we drove the more snow we saw it was amazing to see the kids eyes light up. The first snow stop we made was right in town and it had a park with a skating rink. We weren’t fully dressed for the snow as we had just came to scope the area before check in to the hotel. But kids put on snow boots and jackets to play around the park. We’re use to trying to stay cool and not sweat, so this change of weather and scenery was so interesting to enjoy. The kids enjoyed every bit of it and so did we…a blast! We even tried the ice rink out at Cloudcroft Ice Rink and the kids had never skated before so it was a first for them, but for Mama I enjoyed it because I use to go when I was younger. Priced well for a pair of skates $8 for unlimited time and any size. We even enjoyed some hot chocolate and cappuccinos to warm us up a bit at the snack bar there. We headed to get dinner at a place called Kbob Steakhouse it was pretty good with a variety to choose from and even a salad bar and not too pricey.

The next few days we headed back to the slopes and found a great place to take the kids out to have some fun in the snow. We even found a great place Ski Place to rent snowboards for the day $30-$40 but have to return by 5pm. I wanted to try once and so did my older boys but goodness it was tough. We had fun trying even though we had fallen several times and sure did hurt. But sit in the cold snow and ice it helped. We made snowballs, we sled down the hills, and pulled the baby around in the boggan to keep him entertained. We did make sure to bring snacks during our time at the park in the snow. Our favorite place we took the kids to everyday was a great kid friendly area at the Lincoln National Forest.

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Since we had never been in the snow for hours and for a week in weather as cold as below 30 degrees. We had to keep super warm and the kids didn’t really want to put all the layers of thermals, layers of clothes on top, plus the waterproof snow bib overalls we got at Walmart (for a great low price check out here), the waterproof gloves, beanies, and snow boots. But I know if we didn’t someone or everyone would get sick and as a Mama if I can prevent that I sure had to get stuff on a Budget at Walmart. I even got my hubby’s thermals and my women’s thermal for a great price.

My favorite thing to do as a Mama when we go on trips is to take tons of pics and with my new Iphone X, I don’t need a fancy expensive camera. Memories for a lifetime to treasure those wonderful fun moments. So one day we can go back in time to that super amazing fun week with the family. A picture speaks a thousand words is so true!

 We found this cute barn shop called Old Apple Barn where we found some wonderful souvenirs, old fashioned soda, tasty fudge, and Elk jerky which was so tasty by the way! Kids really enjoyed the Old fashioned root beer and I especially enjoyed the Amaretto fudge. Yummy!  We also found some shops in Ruidoso, NM called Pistachio Land and Heart of the Desert which had wine tasting and the best pistachios. The green chili and garlic was our favorite to sample and we left home with few bags. And we sampled some exquisite wine made from pistachio juice that was really tasty.


We all had an amazing successful family trip and we definitely will be going back. The kids enjoyed the snow but a week there in the snow was just enough because we all were kinda sore from all the walking exploring in the snow, hiking in the slopes, and mainly all the falling in the snow from all the excitement of the snow time. I highly recommend New Mexico kid family friendly. We have memories for a lifetime!

XOXO Tosha Lynn


“Winter kisses in the snow…His Queen, Her King”

For Him & Her Gifts

Gifts For Him & Gifts For Her

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‘Tis the Season to go gift shopping, gift making, gift wrapping, and spending the best season with the ones you love the most. It’s tough finding gifts going store to store and wondering what do I get Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Friends, Wifey, and/or Hubby that they will enjoy. It’s not about how much you spend it’s way more than that. I believe it’s about the thought that counts but also will they use this gift and/ or will it just be left in closet to dust over the years. So when I gift hunt I make sure it’s gonna be a gift that means something and that’ll be used over time. That’s why I put together this Christmas List of Ideas for Gifts For Him and For Her!

Gifts For Her


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Gifts For Him


Gifts For Him


Gifts For Her


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I really do enjoy the Holidays because of the family get togethers and the wonderful food for days. But not too much of a fan of shopping in stores because of the crowded stores and the long dreadful lines. But since I’ve had Amazon Prime I can click and order straight to my house for easy gifting. It definitely takes the worry out of store to store shopping for me. And it’s less than $10 a month which also comes with unlimited movies to watch and 2 day Prime delivery which is perfect for the holidays.

Happy Holidays XOXO Tosha Lynn

Boys Wish List

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Wish List For Boys Ages 1-13+

I can’t believe it’s already time for the Christmas shopping, the Holidays snuck up on us fast! Tis the Season to go Christmas Shopping for my family and especially spoil my kids during the holidays. As long as they have been good right?!? Yes. I think it’s okay to go a little overboard for Christmas and maybe their birthday and always keep the Santa spirit in our house alive no matter what age. That’s why we always ask our kids to make a wish list for Santa and for Mommy & Daddy. I have all boys of different ages my oldest is about to be a teen in 2 weeks. So it can be tough to shop for because his birthday is 1 week before and we have to separate with the gifting. Then my 11 year old is pretty easy, which means not so expensive of a list. And my 4 and 1 year old are so fun to shop for but nowadays there’s so many toys galore it can be tough to choose just a few. But we always remember that their grandparents spoil them too with lots of gifts so we can’t get too much. So I picked the top 5 of each of my boys list in each age range so hopefully it can help other parents to choose great gifts for boys and/or at least get a good idea on other boy’s wish list similar. Making it easier to shop and be done with the crazy chaotic shopping stores.


Teen Boys Wish List

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Now this one is not cheap but my oldest has been asking for this
 for awhile, many years now. But held off until he got older and shaped up with his  behavior plus grades at school. So with age comes responsibility and respect so this is the big gift we ordered from Amazon. With the Amazon Prime it came so fast and so reliable. Plus Prime is only $10 a month!

Now my middle oldest son is easier to shop for and hopefully stays this way for as long as I can get him gifts. He is a typical boy full of energy and enjoys playing outside always.

Preteen Boys Wish List



My 2nd to youngest is at the age that he wants almost EVERYTHING. We watch commercials and he wants it all especially all the many holiday ads. He will point out everything and remember it all when we go to the store. I have to limit his list because he can’t spell yet he’s only 4 and when shopping in stores theirs so many things for his age group.

Preschool Wish List

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Last but not least my baby boy is really gonna have a fun Christmas unwrapping gifts and helping everyone else. Last year he was not even 1 but this age of 22 months old is perfect and the best to watch on the big day. Can’t wait,I may be more excited than him just to see his face light up and reveal a hidden surprise that awaits. Below is the Top 5 Wish List Gifts that I know he will just Love.

Wish List for Ages 1-2

We have really adored Melissa & Doug toys because they’re made so well which last longer and such a variety to choose from of all ages just about. From kitchen products,cars,trains and mickey mouse characters plus many more that are so fun any kid will love! I highly recommend this brand and this is solely my review and I’m not paid to say this but I totally should be!

Hopefully this Wish List for Boys I put together from ages 1 to 13 can help spring some great gifting ideas for your loved ones. I really believe that Christmas is the greatest time of the year and it’s okay to go a little above and beyond once a year for your family. I really enjoy the Holidays because we get to spend time with our loved ones that we care so much about and making memories last a lifetime. I may not buy everything that my boys want but I do pick the top Wish List plus they make a list for good ol’ Santa Clause. We all still believe and it makes Christmas that much more special. It’s the small things that brighten our life as we make cookies and milk because Santa gets hungry delivering all the presents over the world! It’s truly magical.

Happy Holidays! XOXO Tosha Lynn

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holiday stocking

Decorate Holiday Stockings

The holidays came so quick it seemed this year and now it’s time to decorate. Over the years the Christmas decorations have gotten more pricier than ever. Like the trees,stockings,ornaments,and lights have just gotten more expensive. I’m definitely a Budget Mama when it comes to these things and try to shop around for cheaper. But I decided to save on stockings this year and find cheap plain ones and dress them up with my own designs. So I found gray and brown fuzzy furry stockings at Target for $2 each so I grabbed six for our family of 6. I actually bought them last year and I am ashamed to say I did hang them up plain jane…Eeeeeekkkkk!?! Never again. Maybe it’s because I’m the only girl in the house and my boys aren’t crafty and neither is my hubby.

I found this colorful paper at Michael’s Craft Store for $1 and used it to freehand style my own letters. It’s big enough to cut all six of my letters plus if I messed up their was a whole row for at least 3-4 more to cut out. But not bad for my first time freehanding letters without any stencils. Proud of myself because I’m not really craftsy but have recently taught myself to be but definitely I am not a perfectionist and have my own unique style. I found this crafty knife online here on Amazon and works great. But very sharp so it does come with a cap but make sure you keep up and away from kids. It comes with extra blades too so a plus in my book, worth the buy.

Now I’m a huge fan of these awesome Command hooks that come in a pack of 7 and are so great for walls counters and anywhere you wanna stick but comes off so easy. And won’t take off paint from wall or you don’t have to hammer a huge hole in the wall. They can hold almost anything they go on easy,strong and come off even easier. If you have never tried these your definitely missing out, and i’m new to these but I use to go and grab a nail for everything. But not anymore because it just looks so much cleaner and if you wanna move it take it off and no ugly hole or paint pulled off the wall. They also come in several sizes and colors for almost any home decor!

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I decided to get creative and found some assorted holiday shank buttons just like the one above here from Amazon as pictured above. Just adore the Christmas buttons and could not resist getting different packets so I had a variety. I handpicked the gingerbread, snowman, colorful lights, and also the jingle bells too. Don’t you just love the handpainted snowman jingle bells! My boys really had fun playing with them while I was putting them on the cord. My LO even took off with some of the buttons and decided to put them in the back of his truck(LOL)!!! So funny he really thought they were miniature toys for him.

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Not too shabby eh!?! Thanks to my precise cut crafty knife. It really comes in handy for almost everything in the crafty department, if you want it cut right and it’s easy to use.

Supplies Needed: Glitter foam holiday shaped(as many family members)

hot glue gun

hot glue sticks-2-3 sticks

craftsy knife and/or scissors

glitter colorful cardstock(1)

Christmas shank buttons-variety

Holiday cord, Christmas party gift trim

safety pins


We don’t have a fireplace so we just used hooks and put them in the entertainment center in our living room. I really liked the way they came out because their handmade. With that it means I have my own crafty artsy unique design handmade holiday stockings. They may not be hanging under the fireplace like the typical household but that’s okay. Also we had fun making these and my boys helped pick out the fun Christmas buttons.

The best part of this whole craftsy project is that I will hang them up every Christmas and have these memories of my boys helping…..I mean playing with the buttons,cord,trim,etc and being silly. Just proud of our first decorating stockings together because they turned out so fun and fun. Not perfect or store bought but our own style. Hopefully others will want to try and/or give them some great ideas here! And the kids will have fun as well, no doubt.

Left to Right: Tristan,Brooklyn,Mommy,Daddy,Lyric,& Kayden


I really enjoy Amazon Prime and if you click above you can get it at the discounted price of $5.99 per month. The highlights of Prime is you can find many items to order and choose 1-2 day shipping and get it right to your door in no time especially for the holidays. Also you can watch shows and movies included in the prime, just download the app and/or have a smart tv that already comes with it as mine did. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you, please read my disclosure page for further details.

XOXO Tosha Lynn

Baby Bow

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Baby Floppy Bow Headband Tutorial 

Easy in 5 Minutes


Finding the best fabric and fun colorful great prints is the best part of making anything. Found all these wonderful fabric jersey knit at Hobby Lobby and Joann’s Fabric stores near me. For making cute headbands the best fabric that is lightweight and stretchy is the jersey knit that I adore. It’s not the easiest to work with but at the end makes an amazing gift or product.


Cut the fabric of your choosing I picked this wonderful fun camo print with gold sparkly dots all over. Baby size head 0-4 months is about 13-15 inches but feel free to measure the baby for accurate size. 5×36 make sure the stretchy side is the longer one so it can stretch around baby’s head.

Here you can see I hand sewed a few stitches to close it up after I cut the extra 2 ends after tying the knot nice and snug tight! You can also use a hot glue gun to glue together instead of sewing. Either way does the trick so pick your choosing. If sewing isn’t your thing then hot glue away. I also left the edges and they aren’t perfectly equal and maybe that’s because I’m an imperfection(is that even a thing)!

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Then just roll over the knotted fabric to hide the stitches easily. And there you have an easy fabric big floppy bow made in no time. This makes for a great gift for the holidays or birthdays! You can also make a fun matching top or outfit to complete the look and have one stylish baby!

Look how this off the shoulder top turned out to match the big bow headband! Check back soon for my tutorials on baby clothes…coming soon! The fabric is suede green with camo fabric print jersey knit off the shoulder baby top. I believe this will make a great holiday gift for a baby girl. P.s. By the way I enjoy making baby girl clothes because I have 4 boys so this is my girly fix. And the fabric is just so fun to work with and finding the fun designs.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this easy to do baby fabric floppy big bow headband. That’s why I chose these easy to follow detailed pictures up close viewing for an easier step by step tutorial,for a faster process.

XOXO Tosha Lynn

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal DIY

Learning the ins and outs of motherhood comes with lots of searching for solutions on a daily basis. For the longest time I have searched high and low for stain removal that works on ink, melted crayon,ketchup,mustard,juice,dirt,grass, etc the list goes on and on but finding what actually works may not be as easy as you think! I’ve had success with the lovely Grandmas Secret Spot Remover for a numerous amount of stains and it’s great it comes in a spray bottle or a squeeze spot remover!

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I’ve also tried the Oxiclean Max Spray cleaner and the Oxiclean detergent powder that works pretty well for almost all mild stains but not the tough hard to get out stains.

Then there’s the Spray n Wash that has been around for ages but does it work? I’ve used it lots of times for all kinds of kid stains and have never gotten a full successful stain removal. I’ve sprayed let soak for hours and still hasn’t worked for me so definitely not on my list of products that I would recommend.

I Sometimes feel like my kids are just the messiest ever and they somehow get the tough caked on stains that are impossible to remove! Can anyone else relate?!? I have gotten so frustrated sometimes especially on a brand new white shirt or light colored shorts which shows up like Christmas during a Halloween party! And I will admit in the past I have thrown away brand new clothes because I tried and the stain was so horrific that I gave up 🙁 But I tried so many stain spot removals that I finally made my own DIY that actually works on the first wash. Yeeeeesssss!!!!??!!! No joke. Those tough hard to get out lovely pen inks explosion,pen marks, crayon melting,ketchup,chocolate ice cream, grass stains, and even the pretty marker drawing! I’m gonna warn you it’s not the best smelling spray to make but for me if it works I’ll try anything.

Supplies You Will Need:

(1)Spray bottle(empty),Vinegar(any brand white distilled),Soap(any brand I prefer Gain)

Step One-Fill up the empty spray bottle with Vinegar 3/4 (strong smelling odor feel free to use a mask).

Step Two-Add Soap(A good squeeze does the job!) & Shake Shake Shake.

Step Three-Spray stain until area is soaked. You will see stain foamy from soap!

Then throw in wash right away, you can let sit out for 15 mins. But works for me either way. Just choose your preference.


Results are right before your eyes. You can see the before where the red crayon melted in the dryer on many shirts and shorts but I only took pics of the tough ones. The after is incredible and since I started to make my own spot spray remover I have not bought anymore branded sprays! And why would I when my DIY does the trick. Good luck and hope this helps all the other Mamas out there with those tough hard to get out stains that with this easy to make 2 Ingredient spray you can be a happy camper like this Mama here! Please try and would love to hear from anyone that tries it and pics too! The results are endless. You can never have enough and the spray bottle comes in hand so easy to make and reuse anytime. Which for me with 4 dirty messy boys I am always finding every single stain you can think of on their clothes. Hope you Enjoy! Do Try!

XOXO Tosha Lynn


Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick

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October Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Some of the best brands here in this fun fall Ipsy glam it up bag! It Cosmetics & Tarte. Check out my review here and what I thought of all these beauty products this month!

 1. TONYMOLY Peach Hand Cream-Now I adore hand creams especially this time of year fall when it starts to get cooler and everything gets chapped and dry. So I think this was a score for this month of October and it’s small and pretty in pink to fit in your purse on the go!

2. Firma Beauty 201 Tall Blender Brush-I’m all go for brushes but goodness gracious can I get tired of getting a new brush every month in my Ipsy bag. Yes they all have different purposes and can be reused numerous times but i’m on overboard with the brushes already. I’ve used this one a few times and it’s soft and subtle on the skin for adding powder under the eyes or some eyeshadow on the lids and works great!

3. Tarte deluxe lights,camera,lashes 4-in-1 mascara-This is a good brand and pricey as well so I’ve never just gone to the store or online to purchase this brand because I wasn’t sure how good it was and didn’t wanna spend that much. I tried this fun cute sample size and it worked well as mascara can work. I like the bristles how soft and small they are so they glide the mascara on each and every lash.

4. Essence Cosmetics Satin Touch Blush in Satin Love-I did try this eyeshadow but wasn’t for me don’t like the color or how it doesn’t show up easily so to me not a great choice. Not sure if it’s the brand or just the shade of color choice but won’t be using this again. Not a fan of the brand as I try something and don’t like or love right away then goodbye! But good thing with Ipsy you can try a sample for $2 and either give it away to a friend who will like it or love it and then move on with other beauty products.

5. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder-Now this brand is my all time favorites since this past year. I have the amazing pressed powder foundation I love and use always(replaced my old sephora brand with IT). Also have variety of the mascaras and eyebrow filler pencil that works wonders! Now this powder is for hiding pores which mine are so small and unnoticeable that maybe my review isn’t that good but from my perspective it works but hard to tell with pores. It goes on so soft and has a light scent to it but once on it feels like silk on your skin, which was nice. But I probably won’t be really using this product again because I’m not in need of it. But for people that have noticeable pores it may be perfect because I adore this brand it’s worth every penny if you ask me!

What I like about Ipsy Glam Bags every month?!?

Love getting a fun hot pink package in the mail every mid month with new samples of famous expensive brands that I can test out and use but also do the trial run. If I like I can buy again and if not then I can say I tried it! It’s only $10 bucks a month and you can do reviews on the products to rack up points towards monthly products that are free to get once you have enough points.

What I don’t like about the Ipsy Glam Bags?!?

Every month you can change your answers to your beauty likes and preference but not always does it match to your exact likings, it’s kind of a hit or a miss! Every month since I signed up about a year ago I have gotten a brush small large medium, different colors and shapes but the funny thing is I have a million of them now and probably don’t use but 3 on a weekly basis. So kinda annoyed that things I don’t use much or only need a few of them in total for years, they keep sending me them and it’s a waste of space.



Affiliate Links here on this post at no extra cost to you, if you choose to click and purchase I mar receive a small commission. Every Penny Counts.Thanks! Below is Pixi Eyeshadow and I adore this brand it can be pricey but it lasts and is worth the buy, Ipsy sends me occasional Pixi brand beauty supplies and they all are a keeper for me.

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