Hello I’m Tosha Lynn Ornelas born and raised in Texas(gotta love it hot hot hot)! I met my soulmate online in 2011,got married and we have 4 kiddos(all boys) and yes everyday is crazy, chaotic and full of surprises. I have many experiences of motherhood as well as my likes of beauty,fashion,healthy eating, and traveling tips. I decided to start blogging so I can help others like you with everyday life challenges and advice that can be passed along. And along this new path of blogging hopefully I can make longtime friendships with other women just like me. But not only that I am determined to make this hobby of blogging to a full time career to support my family and inspired so many successful bloggers.  Plus it’s therapeutic for the soul…so that means less stress more blogging fun.

Whether it’s healthy recipes to shed pounds, eating healthy to feel better inside/out, parenting experience from a mom of boys perspective, planning/managing family trip success, everyday shopping reviews to find the best brands at a great low price, sewing fun things/selling online products,DIY fun stuff to make gifts(the best gifts that are made with love homemade), or beauty makeup reviews from top brands that come right to my mailbox every month that are worth the buy. I also Love all things Pink! I’m a girly girl Duh!

I was a full time lead Registered Dental Assistant for 9.5 years and I truly enjoyed working with patients,helping them by educating, and learning more knowledge every year with new courses. I definitely miss it at times but it sure did a number on my back…I feel the pain everyday reminding me how grateful to not have to work a 8-5 job.

I started a new chapter in my life when we moved 6 hours away from my hometown(away from my family) and became a SAHM in 2015. So I was determined to teach myself to sew baby things(as gifts or for my LO) and so it became a fun hobby(success).

When you put your mind to something and Never give up you can do anything your little heart desires. I also have a online store that I sell my products from Designed By TLO that was created by my hubby. In my downtown I enjoy bike riding, eating healthy, family activities, traveling, shopping, watching movies and therapeutic blogging.(good for the soul)