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Handmade Faux Fur Baby Vest

I really enjoy sewing baby things and clothes, it helps my baby fever. I taught myself to sew while I was pregnant a few years ago with my son and have come a long ways. So fun to find the perfect fabric for each project and something satisfying to put it all together. And the seeing the final result is just amazing. My idol inspiration is one of the best Crafty Sewing Mama’s from Made Everyday with Dana. She’s also from my hometown Austin, TX which is one of the coolest cities I know. She has the best how to videos that guide and help you with any downfalls in sewing with all kinds of fabric. I found this awesome fabric at Hobby Lobby on sale which is even better. If you download the Hobby Lobby app on your phone there always is a coupon to scan which is always handy, right now it’s 40% OFF regular priced item. Every Penny Counts. The lovely Bambi themed soft cotton fabric I used for the inner vest so it’s soft for the babies skin and the faux fur off white fabric for the outer layer.


You Will Need: Fabric Scissors, Ruler and/or measuring table board, matching thread, sewing machine and/or serger, pins, suede string and/or ribbon, old baby vest for making pattern, 2 fabrics faux fur/cotton (1/2 yard each)

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First, trace a paper pattern from an old existing baby vest which I used a 3-6 months size (front left side, front right side, inner right, inner left, back side and inner back) Next, pin down the fabric with the paper patterns so it doesn’t move. Once you have all the patterns cut out it’s time to sew along the edge with 1/2 inch seam allowance with right sides together, which means the right sides won’t be seen bc wrong sides will be shown.

Pieces shown here cut to pattern from old baby vest. Also rounded front of vest after pic taken

Basically each piece is about 9″x7″ which means you will end up with (1) faux fur fabric back side piece, (1) cotton fabric inside back piece, (2) faux fur fabric front right/left side pieces, (2) cotton fabric inside right/left side pieces(shown below), I also used a suede cord 20 inches and cut in half for each side. For me the toughest part is cutting and pinning together all the pieces so once this is good then it’s smooth sailing from here. As long as your sewing the right sides the right way and let me tell you I have made many mistakes and have learned from just trying over and over.

All pieces cut->total 6 shown
Wrong Sides showing->Right Sides pinned together

Then once all your pieces are cut then your ready to sew. As you can see (below) the cotton bambi fabric and the faux fur fabric are RIGHT SIDES touching and just pin all the way around. MAKE SURE you leave an opening for the suede 10″ cord on each side.


Making sure you leave an opening(1-2 inches) to TURN EACH piece the right way. Then sew along the edges now 1/2″ seam allowance. Once done and turned the right way. Close up the opening carefully making sure its pinned as well unless you go slowly. I left opening for front two pieces and added suede ties now to each side then sewed shut nicely.

Front Side shown pinned w/ suede ties

Finally sewing each piece together front pieces on top of back piece but make sure the fur is not showing. As you can see above that the cotton bambi fabric is on top and when flipped is shown below. After sewing together make sure all pieces are intact and no openings. I did have to go back and sew edges of a few opening where the fabric didn’t properly sew together.

Adding tag to inside while sewing together front and back pieces of vest

So the ending result turned out awesome for my first baby vest. Not too shabby. Hope you enjoyed and hope you try too. Good Luck!


XOXO Tosha Lynn 


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    • So glad u enjoyed this post and me too crafts, sewing etc are a great hobby. So rewarding to see finish product. You sure will see lots more soon so hope u stay connected.

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