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Ancient Grains Chia Seeds

Can You Eat your Way to A Healthier Life and for A Better Wellness?

There’s so many natural foods that we eat and drink that have so many benefits that can help our health. I’ve researched many of the top foods and drinks that can be easily added to our daily menu and can only help not harm with being sick, in pain(natural remedies) and many good health factors that can keep us feeling better. And even help lose stubborn weight!

Dragonfruit is not just pretty with red outer layer and white marshmallowy inner core with black polka dots but has amazing factors that we can all benefit from adding to our daily or even weekly diet.

Cancer Prevention   Bones and Teeth   Nervous System   Eye Support   Glowing Skin

Anti-Inflammatory   Digestion and Metabolism   Cardiovascular   Anti-Aging   Immunity

Is there an Arthritis Diet? What can I eat to help my joints?

Lower Blood Pressure

Protect against chronic conditions ranging from cancer to stroke

Help Arthritis by curbing inflammation

Benefit your joints as well as your heart

Lead to weight loss, which makes a huge difference in managing joint pain

Many foods can help with following a diet low in processed foods and saturated fat and rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans is great for your body.The same principles of the so called Mediterranean diet, which is frequently touted for its anti-aging disease fighting powers. FISH.How Much?? The American Heart Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommend 3-4 ounces of fish, twice a week. Arthritis experts claim more is better.

Recipe to my easy Overnight Oats

Mason Jar 6-8 oz

1/3 cup Oats(I prefer quaker’s brand)

1/4 cup Almond milk

1-2 tbsp Greek yogurt

5-6 raspberries or blueberries

5-6 cut dragon fruit pieces

1 tsp chia seeds

dash of honey

Put it in the fridge over night. Open stir well and enjoy! packed with Omega-3,potassium, and protein! A great diet healthy breakfast start for the day!

Love Me Some CHuh-CHuh Chiaaaaa Seeds!

Chia seeds is great to add on almost anything!

Weight Loss

Boost Energy & Mood

Helps Digestion

Good For Bones & Joints

 Mama Chia has some really amazing products from drinks, vitamins, and squeezable packs that are filled with amazing nutrients to give you natural energy. This is a great buy from Amazon the squeezable Mama Chia!

A study conducted on 90 overweight people,50mg of chia seeds per day for 12 showed the effects on body weight. Chia seeds fight dehydration, provide a considerable amount of energy, reduce joint inflammation, and accelerate post-run recovery. Chia seeds can actually make you feel happier because of the amino acid tryptophan found in them. They are high in calcium helps to strengthen your bones as well as your teeth.

Fish is great for you Body Why???

Some types of fish are good sources of inflammation fighting omega-3 fatty acids. A study of 727 postmenopausal women, published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2004, found those who had the highest consumption of omega-3s had lower levels of 2 inflammatory proteins: C-reactive protein(CRP) and interleukin-6.  Taking fish oil supplements helps reduce joint swelling and pain, duration of morning stiffness and disease activity among people who have rheumatoid arthritis(RA). Best source of fish is salmon,tuna,sardines,herring,anchovies,scallops and other cold water fish. If you hate fish take a supplement. Studies show that taking 600-1000mg of fish oil daily eases joint stiffness, tenderness, pain and swelling.


Chia Seeds,Flaxseed,Ginger Root,Turmeric, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Green Juice,Green Tea

Sweet Potatoes,Broccoli,Spinach,Avocado,Kale,Beets,Bok Choy


Rosemary,Cinnamon,Cayenne Pepper,Black Pepper,Garlic

Top Foods to AVOID

White sugar,Artificial sweeteners,Iodized salt,Lard,Veg Oil,

Fast food,deep fried foods,Artificial Chemicals,Trans Fat

Alcohol,Sodas,Dairy,Coffee,Tobacco products

Peanuts,Gluten,Modified Corn,Red Meat

Pomegranate Benefits

Lowers Blood Pressure   Improves Memory   Reduces Arthritis Pain   Fights Diabetes

Helps Overcome Depression   Prevents Cancer   Reduces Inflammation

Fights Infection   Resolves Stomach Disorders   Curbs Hunger   Prevents Plaque Formation

Just Add A Little Ginger

A powerful aromatic gentle and flavorful, herb ginger or ginger root has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of ailments for centuries. The stunning health benefits are now being scientifically proven and they range from treating bacterial infections to digestion to cancer.

  • Treats and prevents multiple forms of cancer

  • Prevents Diabetes,Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

  • Act as a Natural Antibiotic to Fight Pathogenic Bacteria

  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation Acting as a Natural Painkiller

  • Treats Nausea/Motion Sickness,Heartburn and Migraines

  • Cures Menstrual Pain/Cramps and Morning Sickness

  • Prevents Intestinal Ulcers & Gastric Distress

  • Fights Fungal Infections & Toxicity in the Body

  • Important For Heart Health & Fights Gout and Arthritis

  • Boosts Immune System to Fight the Cold & Flu

 Mint is Meant for Wellness and Cures

Soothes the Digestive Tract

Eliminates Toxins From the Body

Reduces the Growth of Bacteria & Fungus

Helps in Curing Asthma

Whitens Teeth and Combats Bad Breath

Cures Insects Stings & Bites

Prevents Colon,Skin & Lung Cancer

Relieves Aches & Pains

Blood Cleanser

Drying Fresh Mint Leaves

(Fresh cut from Garden or Bought from nearest Store)

1. Clean,wash fresh mint leaves then dry well

2. Place them in oven on cooking sheet for about 2-3 hours on 170 degrees.

3. Remove let cool,crumble in dark jar and store in dry cabinet.

1 Tablespoon Mint, 1 Cup boiling Water, 3-5 Minutes Steep. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Please?!?

Regulates Blood Pressure   Reduces LDL Cholesterol Levels   Has Natural Anti-Infectious Compounds

Reduces Pain Linked to Arthritis   May Reduce the Proliferation of Cancer Cells   Natural Food Preservative

Contains Fiber,Calcium,Iron & Manganese   Effective for Menstrual Pain   Aids in Infertility/Balance Hormones

Holds Promise for Various Neurodegenerative Disease including: Alzheimer’s’ Disease,Parkinson’s Disease

Multiple Sclerosis,Brain Tumor & Meningitis

DO NOT-Start eating large quantities of cinnamon daily. Cinnamon is known to be TOXIC in Large Doses!

I’m Not a medical care provider but have done my research to pass along helpful information for my readers.

DO-Enjoy Cinnamon in small amounts occasionally and feel great because you know now that it’s providing health benefits!

What’s All the Buzz About? Raw Honey

Anti-allergenic   Anti-bacterial   Anti-viral   Anti-fungal   Anti-cancer   27 Minerals   22 Amino Acids

5,000 Live Enzymes   Improve Digestion   Boosts Immune System   Reduces Risk of Illness & Disease

Helps to Heal Cuts & Wounds   Aids Weight Loss   Promotes Healthy Glowing Skin   May Help Heal Ulcers

May Help Prevent Ulcers   Raises Levels of Antioxidants in Blood   Boost Energy   Supports Good Bacteria

Anti Aging   Relieves Morning Sickness   Soothes Sore Throat

Drink Your Way to A Healthy Weight Loss

Honey is a great way to that may help you lose weight by providing sweetness you want and the nutrients you need and by helping you in digestion ease.

Ingredients: Cup of Hot water,Tablespoon of Honey, Tablespoon of Lemon, Teaspoon of Cinnamon.

Now that’s a nice cup of healthy natural ingredients!


Drink Your Way To A Better Life… Just Add Lemons!

Lemon juice has many health benefits. Known for its therapeutic property since generations,lemons help to strengthen your immune system,cleanse your stomach, and considered a blood purifier. Useful treatments for kidney stones, reducing strokes, and lowering body temperature. With a refreshing glass of lemonade it can keep you cool and calm. The Nourishing Health Benefits come from Vitamin C,Vitamin B6,Vitamin A,

Vitamin E,Folate,Niacin,Thiamin,Riboflavin,Pantothenic Acid, Copper,Calcium,Iron,Magnesium,Potassium,Zinc,Phosphorus, and Protein. Studies from the American Urological Association highlight the fact that lemonade or lemon juice can eliminate the occurrence of kidney stones by forming urinary citrate, which prevents the formation of crystals. You can make lemonade adding lemon juice to water, or washing agent because of it’s ability to remove stains. Lemon’s repel mosquitos but it also does wonders on gallstones by adding lemon to olive oil and drinking.(yumm!) From the Studies of Annals of Rheumatic Diseases lemon provides protection against inflammatory Polyarthritis and Arthritis

Throat Infections   Indigestion   Constipation   Dental Problems   Fever   Internal Breathing   Rheumatism   Burns   Obesity   Respiratory Disorders   Cholera & High Blood Pressure   Benefits Hair & Skin Diabetes

Coconut Oil

1,500 Studies proving coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Benefits and uses go beyond what most people realize as coconut oil-made copra or dried coconut flesh-is a true superfood. Research finally uncovered the secrets to this amazing superfood: healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids(MCFAs). Unique fats include: Caprylic Acid,Lauric Acid,Capric Acid. Most of the fats we consume take longer to digest, but MCFAs found in coconut oil provide the perfect source of energy because they only have to go through a 3-Step Process to be turned into fuel vs other fats that have to go through a 26-Step Process! 91% of the fat in Coconut Oil is healthy Saturated Fat. MCFAs are easier to digest,not readily stored as fat,antimicrobial and antifungal,smaller in size (allowing easier cell permeability for immediate energy), & processed by the liver(which means their converted to energy instead of being stored as fat).

 Coconut Oil Benefits

  • Treats Alzheimer’s,Prevents Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure,Cures UTI & Kidney Infection

  • Reduces Inflammation & Arthritis,Prevents & Treats Cancer

  • Boosts Immune System,Improves Memory & Brain Function,Improves Energy & Endurance

  • Improves Digestion,Reduces Ulcers & Colitis,Helps Gallbladder Disease & Pancreatitis

  • Improves Skin Issues,Prevents Gum Disease & Tooth Decay,Prevents Osteoporosis

  • Helps Weight Loss,Builds Muscle & Decreases Body Fat,Benefits Hair Health

  • Fights Candida & Yeast Infections,Anti-Aging,Balances Hormones

Try these wonderful Mamma Chia Organic Blackberry drinks. They come in many flavors and are so healthy and give you natural energy! This post contains an affiliate link that if you click & purchase through my page I will get a small commission.