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Wish List For Boys Ages 1-13+

I can’t believe it’s already time for the Christmas shopping, the Holidays snuck up on us fast! Tis the Season to go Christmas Shopping for my family and especially spoil my kids during the holidays. As long as they have been good right?!? Yes. I think it’s okay to go a little overboard for Christmas and maybe their birthday and always keep the Santa spirit in our house alive no matter what age. That’s why we always ask our kids to make a wish list for Santa and for Mommy & Daddy. I have all boys of different ages my oldest is about to be a teen in 2 weeks. So it can be tough to shop for because his birthday is 1 week before and we have to separate with the gifting. Then my 11 year old is pretty easy, which means not so expensive of a list. And my 4 and 1 year old are so fun to shop for but nowadays there’s so many toys galore it can be tough to choose just a few. But we always remember that their grandparents spoil them too with lots of gifts so we can’t get too much. So I picked the top 5 of each of my boys list in each age range so hopefully it can help other parents to choose great gifts for boys and/or at least get a good idea on other boy’s wish list similar. Making it easier to shop and be done with the crazy chaotic shopping stores.


Teen Boys Wish List

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Now this one is not cheap but my oldest has been asking for this
 for awhile, many years now. But held off until he got older and shaped up with his  behavior plus grades at school. So with age comes responsibility and respect so this is the big gift we ordered from Amazon. With the Amazon Prime it came so fast and so reliable. Plus Prime is only $10 a month!

Now my middle oldest son is easier to shop for and hopefully stays this way for as long as I can get him gifts. He is a typical boy full of energy and enjoys playing outside always.

Preteen Boys Wish List



My 2nd to youngest is at the age that he wants almost EVERYTHING. We watch commercials and he wants it all especially all the many holiday ads. He will point out everything and remember it all when we go to the store. I have to limit his list because he can’t spell yet he’s only 4 and when shopping in stores theirs so many things for his age group.

Preschool Wish List

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Last but not least my baby boy is really gonna have a fun Christmas unwrapping gifts and helping everyone else. Last year he was not even 1 but this age of 22 months old is perfect and the best to watch on the big day. Can’t wait,I may be more excited than him just to see his face light up and reveal a hidden surprise that awaits. Below is the Top 5 Wish List Gifts that I know he will just Love.

Wish List for Ages 1-2

We have really adored Melissa & Doug toys because they’re made so well which last longer and such a variety to choose from of all ages just about. From kitchen products,cars,trains and mickey mouse characters plus many more that are so fun any kid will love! I highly recommend this brand and this is solely my review and I’m not paid to say this but I totally should be!

Hopefully this Wish List for Boys I put together from ages 1 to 13 can help spring some great gifting ideas for your loved ones. I really believe that Christmas is the greatest time of the year and it’s okay to go a little above and beyond once a year for your family. I really enjoy the Holidays because we get to spend time with our loved ones that we care so much about and making memories last a lifetime. I may not buy everything that my boys want but I do pick the top Wish List plus they make a list for good ol’ Santa Clause. We all still believe and it makes Christmas that much more special. It’s the small things that brighten our life as we make cookies and milk because Santa gets hungry delivering all the presents over the world! It’s truly magical.

Happy Holidays! XOXO Tosha Lynn

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33 comments on “Boys Wish List”

  1. Thanks for the ideas. I have been trying to figure out what to get some younger boys I know, and whether boys or men I always have trouble coming up with ideas!

  2. These are great suggestions, and you’re right, it’s more fun watching the kids open their gifts than actually getting gifts! Christmas though a child’s eyes!

  3. I feel you on the birthday thing. My daughter is a Christmas Eve baby. Hard to believe that she will be nine before too much longer. I think that next year, we will adopt the mom/dad list and the Santa list.

  4. Great gift ideas! I love that you cover different age ranges! I have a little girl, so when I comes to boy’s birthdays I never have a clue.

    • I know how u feel. I usually have to do some digging throughout the year but they love to change it up weekly. Hard to keep up and the drone is great my boys have lots.

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