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Decorate Holiday Stockings

The holidays came so quick it seemed this year and now it’s time to decorate. Over the years the Christmas decorations have gotten more pricier than ever. Like the trees,stockings,ornaments,and lights have just gotten more expensive. I’m definitely a Budget Mama when it comes to these things and try to shop around for cheaper. But I decided to save on stockings this year and find cheap plain ones and dress them up with my own designs. So I found gray and brown fuzzy furry stockings at Target for $2 each so I grabbed six for our family of 6. I actually bought them last year and I am ashamed to say I did hang them up plain jane…Eeeeeekkkkk!?! Never again. Maybe it’s because I’m the only girl in the house and my boys aren’t crafty and neither is my hubby.

I found this colorful paper at Michael’s Craft Store for $1 and used it to freehand style my own letters. It’s big enough to cut all six of my letters plus if I messed up their was a whole row for at least 3-4 more to cut out. But not bad for my first time freehanding letters without any stencils. Proud of myself because I’m not really craftsy but have recently taught myself to be but definitely I am not a perfectionist and have my own unique style. I found this crafty knife online here on Amazon and works great. But very sharp so it does come with a cap but make sure you keep up and away from kids. It comes with extra blades too so a plus in my book, worth the buy.

Now I’m a huge fan of these awesome Command hooks that come in a pack of 7 and are so great for walls counters and anywhere you wanna stick but comes off so easy. And won’t take off paint from wall or you don’t have to hammer a huge hole in the wall. They can hold almost anything they go on easy,strong and come off even easier. If you have never tried these your definitely missing out, and i’m new to these but I use to go and grab a nail for everything. But not anymore because it just looks so much cleaner and if you wanna move it take it off and no ugly hole or paint pulled off the wall. They also come in several sizes and colors for almost any home decor!

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I decided to get creative and found some assorted holiday shank buttons just like the one above here from Amazon as pictured above. Just adore the Christmas buttons and could not resist getting different packets so I had a variety. I handpicked the gingerbread, snowman, colorful lights, and also the jingle bells too. Don’t you just love the handpainted snowman jingle bells! My boys really had fun playing with them while I was putting them on the cord. My LO even took off with some of the buttons and decided to put them in the back of his truck(LOL)!!! So funny he really thought they were miniature toys for him.

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Not too shabby eh!?! Thanks to my precise cut crafty knife. It really comes in handy for almost everything in the crafty department, if you want it cut right and it’s easy to use.

Supplies Needed: Glitter foam holiday shaped(as many family members)

hot glue gun

hot glue sticks-2-3 sticks

craftsy knife and/or scissors

glitter colorful cardstock(1)

Christmas shank buttons-variety

Holiday cord, Christmas party gift trim

safety pins


We don’t have a fireplace so we just used hooks and put them in the entertainment center in our living room. I really liked the way they came out because their handmade. With that it means I have my own crafty artsy unique design handmade holiday stockings. They may not be hanging under the fireplace like the typical household but that’s okay. Also we had fun making these and my boys helped pick out the fun Christmas buttons.

The best part of this whole craftsy project is that I will hang them up every Christmas and have these memories of my boys helping…..I mean playing with the buttons,cord,trim,etc and being silly. Just proud of our first decorating stockings together because they turned out so fun and fun. Not perfect or store bought but our own style. Hopefully others will want to try and/or give them some great ideas here! And the kids will have fun as well, no doubt.

Left to Right: Tristan,Brooklyn,Mommy,Daddy,Lyric,& Kayden


I really enjoy Amazon Prime and if you click above you can get it at the discounted price of $5.99 per month. The highlights of Prime is you can find many items to order and choose 1-2 day shipping and get it right to your door in no time especially for the holidays. Also you can watch shows and movies included in the prime, just download the app and/or have a smart tv that already comes with it as mine did. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you, please read my disclosure page for further details.

XOXO Tosha Lynn

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Baby Bow

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Baby Floppy Bow Headband Tutorial 

Easy in 5 Minutes


Finding the best fabric and fun colorful great prints is the best part of making anything. Found all these wonderful fabric jersey knit at Hobby Lobby and Joann’s Fabric stores near me. For making cute headbands the best fabric that is lightweight and stretchy is the jersey knit that I adore. It’s not the easiest to work with but at the end makes an amazing gift or product.


Cut the fabric of your choosing I picked this wonderful fun camo print with gold sparkly dots all over. Baby size head 0-4 months is about 13-15 inches but feel free to measure the baby for accurate size. 5×36 make sure the stretchy side is the longer one so it can stretch around baby’s head.

Here you can see I hand sewed a few stitches to close it up after I cut the extra 2 ends after tying the knot nice and snug tight! You can also use a hot glue gun to glue together instead of sewing. Either way does the trick so pick your choosing. If sewing isn’t your thing then hot glue away. I also left the edges and they aren’t perfectly equal and maybe that’s because I’m an imperfection(is that even a thing)!

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Then just roll over the knotted fabric to hide the stitches easily. And there you have an easy fabric big floppy bow made in no time. This makes for a great gift for the holidays or birthdays! You can also make a fun matching top or outfit to complete the look and have one stylish baby!

Look how this off the shoulder top turned out to match the big bow headband! Check back soon for my tutorials on baby clothes…coming soon! The fabric is suede green with camo fabric print jersey knit off the shoulder baby top. I believe this will make a great holiday gift for a baby girl. P.s. By the way I enjoy making baby girl clothes because I have 4 boys so this is my girly fix. And the fabric is just so fun to work with and finding the fun designs.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this easy to do baby fabric floppy big bow headband. That’s why I chose these easy to follow detailed pictures up close viewing for an easier step by step tutorial,for a faster process.

XOXO Tosha Lynn

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal DIY

Learning the ins and outs of motherhood comes with lots of searching for solutions on a daily basis. For the longest time I have searched high and low for stain removal that works on ink, melted crayon,ketchup,mustard,juice,dirt,grass, etc the list goes on and on but finding what actually works may not be as easy as you think! I’ve had success with the lovely Grandmas Secret Spot Remover for a numerous amount of stains and it’s great it comes in a spray bottle or a squeeze spot remover!

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I’ve also tried the Oxiclean Max Spray cleaner and the Oxiclean detergent powder that works pretty well for almost all mild stains but not the tough hard to get out stains.

Then there’s the Spray n Wash that has been around for ages but does it work? I’ve used it lots of times for all kinds of kid stains and have never gotten a full successful stain removal. I’ve sprayed let soak for hours and still hasn’t worked for me so definitely not on my list of products that I would recommend.

I Sometimes feel like my kids are just the messiest ever and they somehow get the tough caked on stains that are impossible to remove! Can anyone else relate?!? I have gotten so frustrated sometimes especially on a brand new white shirt or light colored shorts which shows up like Christmas during a Halloween party! And I will admit in the past I have thrown away brand new clothes because I tried and the stain was so horrific that I gave up 🙁 But I tried so many stain spot removals that I finally made my own DIY that actually works on the first wash. Yeeeeesssss!!!!??!!! No joke. Those tough hard to get out lovely pen inks explosion,pen marks, crayon melting,ketchup,chocolate ice cream, grass stains, and even the pretty marker drawing! I’m gonna warn you it’s not the best smelling spray to make but for me if it works I’ll try anything.

Supplies You Will Need:

(1)Spray bottle(empty),Vinegar(any brand white distilled),Soap(any brand I prefer Gain)

Step One-Fill up the empty spray bottle with Vinegar 3/4 (strong smelling odor feel free to use a mask).

Step Two-Add Soap(A good squeeze does the job!) & Shake Shake Shake.

Step Three-Spray stain until area is soaked. You will see stain foamy from soap!

Then throw in wash right away, you can let sit out for 15 mins. But works for me either way. Just choose your preference.


Results are right before your eyes. You can see the before where the red crayon melted in the dryer on many shirts and shorts but I only took pics of the tough ones. The after is incredible and since I started to make my own spot spray remover I have not bought anymore branded sprays! And why would I when my DIY does the trick. Good luck and hope this helps all the other Mamas out there with those tough hard to get out stains that with this easy to make 2 Ingredient spray you can be a happy camper like this Mama here! Please try and would love to hear from anyone that tries it and pics too! The results are endless. You can never have enough and the spray bottle comes in hand so easy to make and reuse anytime. Which for me with 4 dirty messy boys I am always finding every single stain you can think of on their clothes. Hope you Enjoy! Do Try!

XOXO Tosha Lynn


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