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Slime Time

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Slime Time

The fun kid friendly crafty icky sticky messy Slime that all kids are raving about. We decided to try out the Slime Kit at Hobby Lobby and show how easy it is as 1,2,3 to make in no time. The kit comes with everything you will need to make the slime but you will also need a bowl, spatula, storage container, and cleaning supplies(no joke!). Below is everything that comes in the kit and it can make 2 doses of slime. The container and the foam beads did NOT come with the kit. But my son wanted to add these to his glittery sparkly sticky slime for fun texture! Warning be careful when you open the bag of foam beads because they go everywhere.


Supplies Needed:

(1) 5 oz Clear Glue

(1)2.3 oz Magical Liquid

(1) Spatula

(1) Mixing Bowl

(1) Glitter Glue Pen(any color)

(1) Container(ziplock bag works)

Mini Foam Beads(handful)

Cleaning supplies: soap, sanitizer, clorox wipes


So now it is slime time once we had all of our supplies ready to go! Poured in the clear 5 oz glue, then the glitter glue pen of kids choice, and the 2.3 oz magical liquid. Mix, Mix, Mix very thoroughly with a spatula while its setting all together consistently. We added the mini foam beads after 2 minutes and then used our hands to knead together carefully because it’s very sticky and has a mind of its own. Wasn’t too fond of how sticky this stuff is and how it really, really sticks to your hands and fingers.

Steps: Place (1) 5 oz clear glue, (1) Magical liquid, (1) Glitter glue pen, and/or mini Foam Beads all together. Knead with hands after 2-5 minutes. 

It’s super easy to do and it was fun to do this crafty slime experiment with my son. We usually buy the already made slime that comes in all different colors and/or putty that glows or changes colors. But this is definitely a great crafty DIY to involve a 4+ year old and have a great little helper.

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Now it’s Slime Time! We do have a baby in the house so we have to be careful not to leave out or where he can reach. Which the container or a ziplock bag is great for keeping moist and not drying out. Enjoy!


XOXO Tosha Lynn

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Motivation is the Key

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Being a mother of 4 boys and always using the excuse that I don’t have time to workout…was my answer every time. But not anymore because now’s the time to get my body back into shape and I’m not getting any younger. I’m 31 and have a busy life as a SAHM but that isn’t gonna stop me from becoming a stronger and healthier parent. I’ve bought many dvd workouts, workout products, and even tried the gym as an exercise outlet to jumpstart my life. Recently I’ve been so down and bummed out about being motivated to start working out. And being out of shape and so unmotivated can really put a damper on your everyday life. It can be overwhelming sometimes just being a full time Mama of 4 wildly active boys and everyday stress levels can really top my day off. But I realized that I can only change my everyday routine and find my inner Motivation that can shine from within to also hopefully pass on to others.


I recently started researching online to find new workouts that I can easily do in the comfort of my home, to fit in while kids are busy in school or Lo’s napping at home. I found some really awesome motivation advice and wanna share here with everyone. I didn’t have any motivation or willpower to get up and find the time to fit in exercises that can get me fit. I recently started working out daily in the past week and have never felt more alive than I do today. I know it’s just the beginning but I’m not giving up this time because I’m determined to put my tail in high gear as of now. It’s time to take control of my life and stop making Excuses for myself that make me feel sorry for myself. That’s just not gonna cut it anymore and I’m taking control, so can YOU! Find those people you can reach out to and make you feel motivated which is the key to starting a change that will make an imprint in your life. Reading that one Post that can turn your whole life around for the better is pretty great…am I right?!? That post that can put ur unmotivated tush into high gear and go from 0-60 in no time that puts your status at #Motivated. That’s me right now and I wanna share with you the inspirational motivational life changer for me that has finally opened my eyes up to a reality check!

Being motivated isn’t something you google to make a recipe on, and if it was that easy I’m sure nobody would have any excuses ever. But for me it’s been tough trying to find the time, the right products, the inspirational motivational wake up call that can get me going from unhealthy unfit mom bod to healthy hot mom bod. I mean come on nobody wants a flabby body that is not in shape and especially finding clothes to wear that makes you look slimmer is not realistic. So stop procrastinating and you have to make a change for your own happiness because nobody is going to make that happen but you.

  • Find your Motivation Your Kickstarter

  • Find your Happiness in Life

  • Healthy Eating Habits

  • Lots of Water for Metabolism Boost 

  • Exercise Routine that Works 4 You

  • Inspirational Self Motivational Quotes

  • Schedule Daily Fit Times

Finding what works for you won’t happen overnight and can only be found by trying new things,then sticking to what works best. What works for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you but it could so try new workouts, and see what fits in your lifestyle. If you try workout DVD’s and don’t like the exercise then try a new one don’t give up. You can look up youtube videos for get fit abs,booty,legs & thighs, or cardio to kickboxing and even yoga to pilates. And find the one or variety of routines that work for you but stick with it and never give up. Tell yourself that you can do this and Never give up because this is your life, your body, and won’t change by sitting or resting. So it’s now or never! Below are the people that motivated me to wake up and start a new life of healthy fit Mama!

Check out Paola with Paos Fit World and Natalie Jill Fitness!

Jillian Michaels and Free workouts PopSugar Fitness featuring Anna Renderer & Christa DiPaolo!

Click here for Jillian Michael’s 7 Day Free Trial of her workouts and meal plans!

I have tried these women’s fitness workouts,healthy living choices and even their Motivational Inspiring stories are all amazing. It wasn’t until I read their blog stories that I opened up my eyes and just went for it. I stopped procrastinating and pushed myself to every limit possible. I want to thank them for helping me get my motivation to get my life back on track so please try their great workouts and they have some great recipes as well from snacks to finding healthy dinners in no time.

I feel good sharing my new jumpstart motivational and inspirational journey of this Mama getting in shape and back to feeling great inside and out. It’s just the beginning to my story and can be for you too so hopefully you can be inspired as well and pass it along. Stay tuned for more updates on my success from the beginning and hopefully not ending because on my journey there’s no stop for this Mama! If you feel ugly inside and outside, it’s time to change this and find your inner beauty and your outer beauty will shine within no time.

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Healthy Choices

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Why does eating healthier have to be called a “Diet”? For years women and men have started the big D word “Diet” and it is like torture to our ears! But what if we tricked our brain to start just eating healthier foods which meant changing our lifestyle. Without calling it a diet can change our body’s way of dreading the start of a so called diet. Hmmmmm….Well we can and you would be amazed by just changing a few things in your choices of foods,snacks,beverages, and anything we consume can make a world of a difference. For the 1st time in years, I have finally started seeing result on the scale and I stopped starting and stopping the “Dreadful Diet”. Not just losing weight,which everyone wants to do but also feeling better inside and out. I recently started choosing healthier foods,consuming ONLY H20 and also adding Vitamins to my daily routine. And I have never felt better at my age. “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving” from my favorite all time movie “13 Going on 30!”

I purchased this same waist trainer and when I wear it for a few  weeks I lose inches at a time. It helps you sweat and slims your midsection if you wear it 8 hours a day for 3-4 weeks. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you click and purchase through my post. Click Here

Just about 2 months ago I was eating out almost daily at fast food restaurants and sodas like it was going out of style! But now I’ve changed my ways and I feel really good, and I am proud of myself. Not only for sticking with it in general but for also finally seeing pounds come off slowly but staying off. When I start a diet and finish, I usually pack all the weight and few more right back on weeks later. Such a bummer, but I have just changed my lifestyle for the better that I don’t and Will not call it a “Diet”. I refuse to call my Healthy Lifestyle Choices, anything more than a smarter way of living. To me I felt like every time I did a “diet” I dreaded it and didn’t fully do it the correct way. So by the 2-3 weeks it was over, I splurged into greasy fast foods and carbonated drinks.

If you follow these tips that work for me and make this a lifestyle change…Not a “Diet” I promise your mindset will work magical powers. I mainly did it for my health after researching so many ways to lose weight and figured I could try to just eat better overall for life. I have minimized symptoms of my stomach ulcer,IBS,bladder problems, and migraines. I don’t feel bloated and sluggish anymore so it’s definitely worth sharing. I always tell my kids “Sharing Is Caring” and I believe this can help others that don’t like diets. It’s all about discipline and changing your lifestyle for the better. Healthy is the way to be!

Healthier Lifestyle, Do Not Call this a Diet!

Take Vitamins Daily.

Drink Lots of H20 Daily.

Excercise Bike Ride or Brisk Walk.

Choose It 2 Lose It

Coconut Vinegar With Mother
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Stop Eating This and See Results in Weeks!

NO Fast Food, Fast Food, Fast Food! No Mcdonald’s,Sonic,Whataburger,Domino’s,Jack in the Box,Etc!

NO Greasy Fried Foods-Fried Chicken,Fries,Fried Pickles,Fried anything!

NO Breads-Pizza, Burgers, Tacos,Burritos,Sandwiches

NO Sodas, Sugary Drinks-No Dr P,Big Red,Pepsi(Slowly Ween)

NO Salty Foods-No Chips, Doritos,Fritos,Hot Cheetos,Potato Chips, Takis!!!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you but if you choose to click and purchase I can reveive a small commission thanks. Every penny counts!

Sharing Is Caring:)
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