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Lifestyle Change, Not a Diet!

When I was younger, in my teens I had a fast metabolism and could pretty much eat just about anything and I sure did! I was young and didn’t know any better so I ate fast food about everyday like Sonic,Mcdonald, Whataburger, and Jack in the Box. I even worked at Sonic and Mcdonald as a teenager and got free food so that was even better for me at the time, fast metabolism so no care in the world about weight management. I graduated high school in 2004 weighing 92 pounds, I know crazy how thin I was.(Plus I was 2 months prego at the time) I even gained about 55 pounds throughout pregnancy and you would of thought that I would of had a hard time getting the baby weight off, but nope I bounced right back to my skinny thin self with no help of any diet.(young & fast metabolism lucky) I had my second son a few years later in 2006 and gained about the same weight and bounced back right after again with no diet or exercise help of any kind. I was still young age 20, and still my metabolism was fast and active(how amazing was that). If I only knew that 10 years from now I would have problems bouncing right back after my 4th baby! So having my 3rd baby at age 27 I was thin at the time of getting pregnant about 110 pounds and gained about 55-60 pounds during that pregnancy(oh wow the biggest I have ever been,depressing). So being older I tried to do some kind of walking/running more and managed my weight with the dieting plus working out. I stayed around 135 pounds and managed it well as I could because I was still in my 20s but older now than I was when I got pregnant the first time. Then as I had my 4th(last baby), I gained 60 pounds and this was my biggest I ever have been. So now a year later, I’m doing everything I can to watch what I eat, dieting, and exercising bike riding and walking. But harder to find time with managing 4 boys as a SAHM(exhausting). So this is my journey and finding what works with my body at my age with diet tips, watching calorie/carb intake, and drinking lots of water plus finding time to exercise but also having the energy. So I’ve researched lots of different diets and here are my reviews first hand on what I believe is the best advice at age 31. Maybe if they work for me and I’m seeing results finally after trying all kinds of tricks, I can help you in your weight loss journey as well.

Tips & Recipes that Help Me On A Daily Basis to Feel Happier & Healthier!

 Drink Lemon H20 Everyday, Always on Empty Tummy! Before You Eat Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Drink glass H2O 15-30mins to Feel Fuller Faster


Benefits of drinking lemon water not only Curbs Your Appetite! But also…

  • Aids in Digestion

  • Helps You Stay Hydrated(Electrolytes)

  • Weight Loss Friendly

  • Prevents Oxidation

  • Healthy Dose of Vitamin A&C

  • Boost of Potassium & Magnesium

  • Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

  • Naturally Detoxes Your Body

  • Reduces Stress Levels

  • Natural Diuretic

  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory

  • Helps Purify Liver

  •  Balances PH Levels

  • Reduces Joint Pain

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Aids Anxiety & Depression

Gallon of Purified H20 in a pitcher.Add Lemons Cut in Slices.Let Sit Overnight!

Squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice in Your bottle water or Glass of Water with few slices of Fresh Lemon.(Leave the Peel On)

Lemon Peel Benefits

  • Maintain Bone Strength

  • Helps to Reduce Weight

  • Prevents Overgrowth of Parasite & Tapeworms in Digest Tract

  • Protects Against Fungal Bacterial Growth

  • Strong Anti-Depressive Effect

  • Helps with Cysts & Tumors

  • Decreases Cholesterol Levels


Healthy Detox Water Recipes

Lemon & Lime Water-1 Liter H2O,1 Lime,1Lemon,Ice,Mint

Blueberries & Orange-1 Liter H2O,1 Orange,200 mg Blueberries,Ice,Mint

Watermelon & Rosemary-1 Liter H2O,300 mg Watermelon,Ice,Rosemary

Kiwi & Strawberries-1 Liter H2O,6-8 Strawberries,1 Kiwi,Ice,Mint

Orange & Strawberries-1 Liter H2O,6-8 Strawberries,1 Orange,Ice,Mint

Cucumber & Strawberries-1 Liter H2O,1 Cucumber,6-8 Strawberries,1/2 Lime,Ice,Mint

Flat Belly Detox Water-1 Large Sliced Apple,Cinnamon Stick,Pitcher of Ice Water

Healthy Cleanse and Benefits-You Can Add Any of These to Your Water for A Boost!

  • Mint-Aids Digestion,Eases Stomach Pain, Fight Depression

  • Strawberries,Blueberries,Raspberries-Flushes Toxins,Fights Inflammation,Rich in Antioxidants,Boosts Immune System,Fights Cancer

  • Cucumber-Flushes Toxins,Fights Inflammation,Aids Digestion

  • Oranges-Flushes Toxins,Boosts Immune System

  • Grapefruit-Flushes Toxins,Aids Weight Loss,Improves Digestion,High in Antioxidants,Helps Lower Cholesterol

  • Watermelon-Flushes Toxins,Fights Inflammation,Improves Blood Flow,Boost Immune System

  • Lemon & Lime-Flushes Toxins,Aids Digestion,Boost the Immune System,Rejuvenates Skin

  • Apples-Fights Cancer,Boost Immune System,Flushes Toxins,Aids Digestion

  • Basil-Flushes Toxins,Fights Inflammation,Contains Antioxidants,Antibacterial Properties,Fights Depression,Fights Cancer

  • Cinnamon-Strengthens Metabolism,Aids Digestion,Improves Brain Function


Drink At Least 8 Cups of H2O Daily(More The Better)

Tips to Help Lose Weight.Plus Apps Can Help Remind You 2 Eat Healthier!

Good Carbs VS Bad Carbs

Good Carbs

  • Vegetables,Fruits,

  • Oats,Oatmeal,Nuts,Seeds,

  • Lentils,Chia,Brown Rice

  • Quinoa,Whole Grain Bread

  • Yams,Potatoes,Beans

Bad Carbs

  • White Pasta,White Rice,White Bread

  • Processed breakfast Cereal

  • Muffins,Bagels,Donuts

  • Fruit Juices,Sweets Candies

  • Processed Corn & Potato Products

  • Processed Rice Products

Good Fats VS Bad Fats


  • Avocados,Pistachios,Olives,Almonds,Almond Butter

  • Avocado Oil,Canola Oil,Olive Oil,Peanut Oil,Sunflower Oil,Veg Base Oil

  • Hazel Nuts,Brazil Nuts,Peanuts,Peanut Butter,Sesame Seeds,Pumpkin Seeds


  • Salmon,Tuna,Many Other Kinds of Fish,Ground Flaxseed Meal,Flaxseed Oil,Walnuts


  • Shortening,Margarine,Pie Crust,Store Pie Crust,Boxed Pancake/Waffle Mix,Boxed Cake Mix/Frostings

  • Fried Chicken Fingers,French Fries,Fried Fish,Fried Vegetables,Microwave Popcorn

  • Cookies,Cake,Ice Cream,Pre-Packed Non Dairy Creamers,Biscuits,Sweet Rolls,Danishes,Packaged Pudding

  • Breakfast Sandwiches,Frozen Dinners,Meat Sticks,Crackers,Asian Crunchy Noodles,Hydrogenated Oils

  • Processed Meats:Pepperoni,Sausage,Bacon,Salami,Bratwurst,Lunch meat

Powdered Peanut Butter

10 comments on “Healthy Life”

  1. My weight was fine after school and two babies too. After my 3rd and 4th which were 10 years after my first that metabolism didn’t quite work as fast. Now I work harder at my fitness level and slow down on my junk food consumption.

  2. I love how this post is about changing your habits for a healthy life and not just a quick fix diet. Diets never work because once they are done people go back to bad habits and gaining weigh again. I learned this lesson the hard way, but I am not teaching my son the importance of good eating habits.

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