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Family of 6 Please, for Disney World…

We took our 1st trip to Disney World December 28th 2016-January 3rd 2017, so yes we went at probably the busiest time of year there. But who cares we planned it out and it’s New Year’s Eve, there’s not a better feeling than starting the new year at Disney World! Well planning a trip to the most magical place for kids, but also for us because you can be a kid again, really was tough with 4 boys. Ages at the time-10 months,3 years, 10 years,& 12 years old plus their boys(so their naturally wild no matter what). Also let me say that I was also breastfeeding at the time and had to plan my LO’s feedings around our schedules(FYI I’m not the kind to pop out my breast in front of people, so I had to find a spot that was kinda hidden and away from viewers).

Flight from Austin to Florida went really well with all the boys for their 1st airplane experience, we flew in at night and the baby slept the whole time(the airplane loud white static noise put him to sleep,very soothing). The 3 older boys brought their tablets to watch movies and play games so that was a success! Plus snacks and drinks during the flight does wonders(snacks,snacks,snacks), you can never bring enough snacks for kids because they’re always handy. We landed at night and drove to our rental house about 20 mins away from the airport and went straight to bed, once we got settled in.


Day 1: Thursday morning we got up,got dressed and we all said “Rise and Shine it’s Mickey Mouse Time” ! Packed light for the park so just necessities.(diaper bag full of baby essentials inc: breast milk w/ice pack, strollers baby/toddler, covers/light coats for everyone. In December Florida is pretty cool,definitely a weather change from Texas. Plus camera fully charged, phones charged plus storage for lots of pics, snacks for kiddos). We started with Magic Kingdom and as soon as you walk in you’re greeted with so many cool characters, everyone is all dressed up with Disney theme. Such a warm feeling and nothing but positive vibes. You can see the big beautiful castle so pretty and even more amazing at night, and we got to experience that because we stayed until midnight.(yes we didn’t wanna leave the Magical Kingdom). We did lots of the tour rides that were so fun because it was as if you’re in the movie. And plus we have small kids and I don’t like roller coaster crazy scary rides anyway so it’s better that way. Under the Sea  was really pretty, it takes you on a slow boat ride and one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid “The Little  Mermaid” . It takes you through all the classic scenes in the cartoon when they fall in love and Ursula comes out at the end but not before they are happy ever after. ‘It’s a Small World”  takes you to the fun sing along song that you can’t help but sing along the whole ride. They have the cutest little dolls from all around the world singing and in different languages it’s kinda neat getting to hear and watch them transform from around the world. The kids really enjoyed it, even the baby because he loves music.

Then came nap time and I really thought it was gonna be tough for them to fall asleep but boy was I wrong, the strollers came in handy and they took a good nap so peaceful. Lunchtime came around and we ate at a cafe called Pinocchio Village Haus which had a variety of American foods for kids to choose from so great choice plus by surprise it wasn’t pricey $. Can’t forget the boys got to meet and greet with Donald Duck & Goofy at Pete’s Silly Sideshow. They got to take cool fun pics with them! They really enjoyed it. We also did the Haunted Mansion tour ride which was fun for us all because we like scary movies, but it was fun for kids since they like the Disney movie. Around 9-10pm, yes we were still there with all the kids and us as big kids having a great time and they had the coolest fireworks. Which our favorite part of the whole Magic Kingdom hands down. So glad we stayed until the end because the best part was saved for last, they had a light show with clips from Disney originals like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast,Alice and Wonderland,Frozen,Winnie the Pooh, and Dumbo with songs too. Even though we were exhausted and our feet were hurting it was worth every minute we spent there with all four boys and myself and hubby we could’ve stayed the night(we didn’t wanna leave). We finally headed back to rest for the night.

Day 2: We took it easy the next day, we were still recovering from the day/night before and could feel it by all the walking we had done. We headed to Disney Springs which was free but isn’t a park, just has shopping, restaurants, and things to do. We did lots of shopping for souvenirs this day so we could get really fun disney take home memories. They also have this neat Vintage Amphicar and Italian Water Taxi Tours that the 3 older boys got to enjoy and cruise around the water in from the Boathouse. Bongos Cuban Coffee I had to try and was it amazing, it came in a small cup that was good and the gift shop had gifts for sell autographed by Gloria Estefan. The Goofy’s Candy Shop was really cool and kids really enjoyed getting the marshmallow shaped mickey and all other Disney characters in chocolates with all kinds of sprinkles.(yummy if only they were fat free LOL) World of Disney had I believe all the Disney characters from all the original movies from blankets,clothes,cups,hats,toys,and we left with one of everything just about. We all got souvenir ears for the whole family 2 LO Mickey Mouse ears, older boys MM wizard/Goofy, and MM Wizard light up blue hat. The Lego store was by far the boys favorite store and we stayed inside for hours but it was really neat and interesting how they built the Hulk and Toy Story plus the cool Dragon inside the water at Disney Springs. The boys would of stayed there all day if they could have but at least they left with a cool lego to take back home. For girls which was just me, I had to stop at the Basin store which had so many neat smells of body butters, bath bombs, spiced bath salts, and fresh-sliced soaps and I left with soaps with Disney shapes inside.(too cute) If I had a girl which I don’t, I so would of went and got pampered at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique there at Disney Springs.(but not one of my boys wanted to go bummer!) The Coca Cola store was really cool and the Sprinkles cupcakes was amazing! So we ate at The Rainforest Cafe and enjoyed the food but also the kids loved the cafe which made noises as if we were in a real rainforest plus the gift shop had some cool gifts too. That about ends that day because we wanted to rest and get prepared for the next day of the next theme park.

Day 3: Saturday(New Year’s Eve) So refreshed and well rested as we could be we headed to Hollywood Studios.  We started with the really cool live set “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” which had guns and fighting and boys really thought that was so cool. Such a great performance from lots of actors and fun sound effects as well. It was really fun to be at the scene of a performance like this one, it was like we were there on live set as they were performing.  We then got to ride the Great Movie Ride which had classics from Casablanca, Wizard Of Oz(such classics love them),Fantasia,Mary Poppins,Alien,Tarzan the Ape Man,Singin’ In The Rain, and The Public Enemy. Such a cool ride we got to be in the middle of all the movies as if we were in the movie.

So next it was time for the 2 LO’s we went to Disney Junior Live on Stage with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates(which those 2 are my LO’s favorite shows and I knew all the songs and sure did sing along), (“Hot dog,hot dog,hot diggity dog”)plus Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First were really cute too! The LO’s had a blast and they even dropped down gold confetti as if it was “Gold of Blooms” and my 3 year old thought it was treasure such a cool fun memory to get to share with them. And the really cool gift shop with all the Disney Junior characters was neat to see and yes we left with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cars!

Then we moved over to the Star Wars  and got to meet Kylo Ren to take a pic with the whole family plus Chewbacca(he was so tall and hairy but cute making funny noises), Plus their was Jawa’s walking around and one kept playing with the baby and he enjoyed it,kept smiling and laughing.(priceless so adorable). We had to feed hungry tummies so we walked through the Muppet Courtyard which really fun, it had so many neat characteristics to the show and movie, it felt as if we were on stage on set. So we ate at the PizzeRizzo which even looked like it was on the set of The Muppets. Which we followed with the Muppet Vision 3D Show which pretty fascinating it started with the crew Gonzo,Rizzo,Rat and many more characters while the passed out 3D glasses for everyone and watched the precap show about 12 minutes long while we waited to be seated in the theatre. We then got seated in a big movie theatre which was cool once we put our glasses on we experienced The Muppets with Kermit,Miss Piggy,Fozzie Bear,Scooter and many more but throughout the show there was bugs flying 3D as if it were right in front of you and could grab them. So fun for all the kids all ages, a definite must see for all. They also have a really fun store called Tatoonie Traders that you can make custom lightsabers so the boys all got one each different color purple,blue, and red(LO got mickey mouse light up wand). They were kinda pricey once you add stuff to it but boys love them and still enjoy to play with them now and then.(worth the buy,I guess) So with it being the last day of 2016 they had this amazing fireworks going on plus live music performance in the middle of the Hollywood Studio’s Park, we all enjoyed it very much. Who can say they spent the new year at Disney World park and we sure did stay until almost 1am because it was just such a fun environment.friendly entertainment with all the music and lights.(Night to remember) So we finally had to head to the house and get our rest but kids had such a blast dancing and watching all the fun fireworks,plus the countdown to the new year 2017!

Day 4:  We got up and got dressed little later, kinda dragging because we all were so tired from all of the fun and walking,walking,walking. But we wanted to make these last few days enjoyable but not over do it. So we headed to Magic Kingdom one more day to get our last fun filled day in. By this day we had the kids on our Disney vacation schedule even the LO’s were getting the hang of our schedule week. We started with the kiddie rides that are fun for all our boys and even me because since I’m not a fan(i’m a scaredy cat,I’ll admit it) of the scary roller coaster fast bumpy rides. We went through The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh tour with the kiddos and LO’s really enjoyed the cute characters.We saw Tigger,Piglet,Eeyore,Pooh,Rabbit,Kanga,Roo, and Owl into Hundred Acre Wood.

The Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress was a really interesting experience taking it back to the many generations. From the 20th century, 1920s,1940s and present time from cranking the washing machine to the gramophone. How would our kids survive that generation then? Over time from inventing the power of electricity,the radio,and the television was created. From now with high def tvs, smartphones, touchscreen electronics, and voice activated household appliances. During the presentation your revolving around the central stage like a carousel that the kids thought was fun but downfall it did have glitches and kept stopping throughout the show but still was fun to let the kids see how life has evolved.(how easy life is now for them,too easy and spoiled these days). We had to ride the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel which is always fun for the LO’s and the Mad Tea Party took us back to Alice In Wonderland so fun but we did get a little dizzy(but lots of laughs and fun,but nobody got sick so a plus). The Pirates of the Caribbean slow ride tour was so neat and audio throughout the tour with Captain Jack Sparrow and his many crew members. We have seen all the movies and really enjoyed riding through and seeing the wax people in the ship from parts from the movie.

The last ride we did was the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin which was cool to be in a small cruiser that spun you around 360 while shooting Zurg and his army in this fun space battle plus you get to rank with the points adding up to Space Cadet or Galactic Hero. Toy Story is such a kids classic movie and we even stopped at the gift store nearby to grab LO’s their own“Buzz Lightyear and Woody.”  We then headed to Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant where they had some good eats burger, salad, kids mac n’ cheese or PB&J which the kids can never turn down anytime,anywhere,anyplace. Then after right around the corner was Space Mountain (which as you know I’m a scaredy cat) so my oldest son who loves coasters and my hubby rode that one in the dark and they really enjoyed it. They wanted to ride again but the 2 hour in line wait is what stopped them. While we waited we visited the Tomorrowland shop which was connected to the ride & was really cool lots of fun gifts. Since it was dark already while we waited we walked outside and fireworks started popping right in our view and the 3 boys enjoyed it they had really fun smiley faces and colorful designs,very intriguing to watch. Downfall it started raining so we had to head out right after they were done with the ride but at least we got to enjoy the lovely fireworks. We headed back and relaxed and rested up. Our trip was almost over and that was sad but the kids had such an amazing time at Disney and memories with pictures that will last a lifetime.

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Day 5: Our last day…We had so much fun at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios but were exhausted and thought we would spend our last day, relaxing and doing a bit more shopping for souvenirs to take home so we went to Disney Springs. They had live performances at the Marketplace Stage, I believe it was DJ Kids Dance Party and lots of kids got to join on stage. Was very entertaining to watch while we stopped got some homemade lemonade and funnel cake at a stand nearby. We did stop at these stores and browse to find the best gifts to leave with Build a Dino by Build a Bear,Disney;s Pin Traders,House of Blues Gear Shop, Once Upon A Toy, Lego Store(again boys will be boys), World of Disney, and Marketplace Fun Finds. We ended the day with eating at The Polite Pig which consisted of American food with a twist. The kid’s menu was just right for the boys and easy grilled cheese, chicken tenders or mac n cheese with fries on the side. Doesn’t get easier or tastier than that for us and salads were filled with deliciousness(give this place a 9 out of 10). Back to the house to rest and kids got to go swim in the pool at the rental house, and we watched Disney movies to end with a good night.

Day 6: Woke up early to pack and head back to the airport. Our flight got delayed and cancelled, not good so we had to catch another flight back to Texas but downfall we had to wait in the Florida airport for 5 hours until the next flight. But the kids hung in there and we finally got home kinda late but back home. We are so glad our first trip to Disney World turned out fun fulfilling and great learning experience for next time which we can’t wait to plan and take our second trip there. The LO’s will be older and it will be different and always fun experience for us all as a family. Next visit will will definitely go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Epcot as well but now that we know what to expect it makes our next planning a lot easier. Hope you enjoyed our family’s 1st experience at Disney World Park!

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