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I was diagnosed in 2013 with a numerous of problems when I went into a doctor visit for back & neck pain. I was told I had Fibromyalgia,Arthritis,Carpal Tunnel,Cervical Spondylosis,Cervicalgia,Chronic Pain Syndrome,Jaw Pain,Low Back Pain,Neck Pain,Sacroilitis, and Lumbar Spondylosis. It was so much information and I was very overwhelmed with all of this being told to me. I started researching everything and trying to see if I could reverse any of these problems with my body. I was terrified and just had so many mixed emotions it was so depressing. I got  so depressed because I felt like I was trapped in this body, as if I was an old lady trapped in a mid 20’s body(just wasn’t fair at all).

I purchased this pillow about 2 years ago and has changed my sleep tremendously. I use to toss and turn for hours before I invested in a good pillow. This is the exact pillow I bought on Amazon and I researched for a while but landed on this one. It has shredded latex inside and is easy to adjust on any side you choose to lay on, back or side and even tummy sleeper. Which I am all of them and I can’t have a good night sleep without my pillow. Must buy for neck problems. This post contains affiliate links that I only recommend products I use and trust. At no extra cost to you I will receive a small commission if you click and purchase here.

Let’s Rewind for minute and go back to some of the main reasons what lead me to this point of no return. In 2004, while pregnant I got into a mild car accident, hit on passenger side that caused back and neck pain after that, but I just ignored it. Then in 2006,while pregnant again I got into a really bad car accident, a car rear ended me going 60+mph and I was almost completely stopped in traffic on highway. Being 6 months pregnant, and totalling my car(very scary feeling bc of my baby), I was being rushed to ER Hospital and was terrified for my baby. At the time I was so scared and worried if my baby was gonna be ok and the time seemed like it took forever, it was going by so slow. We got to the ER and they right away checked on the baby in my tummy and turned out everything was fine with him. But the scare of the accident totally shook me up at the time, looking back now I should’ve known we would be fine. So other than the accidents, I started dental assisting in 2006 and when I researched this career it looked promising and great potential in the long run. But if I could of saw into the future and fast forwarded to a decade later, I would of never chose this path for me. If I would’ve known how much pain I would’ve been in now to this day, things would have been different for me. But I chose this pathway and now I’m having to figure out ways to ease my pain if it’s going to my Pain Management Doctor every month for the rest of my life, physical therapy alternately, pain medicines to help with the pain, or trying natural ways to ease my pain. Since then I have researched so many things to help with all of my conditions and what helps but also what doesn’t. But my research is not intended for any medical diagnosis or treatment, but just helpful to someone just like me with these conditions.

Fibromyalgia-A Chronic Long Term Health Condition, widespread musculoskeletal pain disorder all over the body accompanied by fatigue,sleep,memory,and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals. Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma,surgery,infection,significant psychological stress. In other cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event. You can’t tell someone has the condition by just looking at them because their is no outward signs of Fibromyalgia. But often look well when really their in lots of pain because of the invisible disabilities and it can be difficult for others to recognize or acknowledge if they can’t visibly see. Women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia than Men. There is no Cure for Fibromyalgia…but Exercise,Stress Reduction,Medications, & Relaxation. People who suffer from it also tend to have:

  • Tension Headaches,TMJ(Temporomandibular Joint) disorders,Nerve Pain,Muscle Spasms,Stiffness,Tinnitus,Thyroid Disorder

  • Insomnia,Nausea,Irritable Bowel Disorders,Fibro Fog,Vertigo,Bruising,Anxiety & Depression,Abdominal Pain/Cramps,Myofascial Pain,Arm Pain

  • Temperature Sensitivity,Paresthesia,Sciatica,Costochondritis,Weakness, Urinary Problems,Irritable Bladder,Weight Gain,Light/Noise Sensitive

Try to Avoid: Caffeine,Alcohol,Sugar,Wheat,Brewer’s Yeast,Animal Fats,Artificial Sweeteners,Additives

Take Supplements to Help Fibro: Probiotics,Vitamin D&C,Calcium Magnesium,B Complex,B12,SamE,5 HTP,Proteolytic Enzymes, Omega 3,L-Tyrosine,L-Carnitine,Melatonin,Fish Oil,D-Ribose,Rhodiola & Ashwagandha

Herbs to Help Heal: Chili Peppers,Ginger,Valerian Root,Ginseng,Lavender,White Willow,Astragalus,Thyme

  1. Get Plenty of Rest & Minimize STRESS

  2. Eat 4-5 Small Meals Daily

  3. Eat A Well Balanced Diet

  4. Stretch Gently & Walk Daily to Keep Muscles/Joints from Stiffening

  5. Drink Plenty of Fluids to FLUSH Toxins

  6. Check Thyroid to Rule Out Source of Symptoms

  7. Take A Shower Upon Rising to Help Stimulate Circulation


  • Green Vegetables-Provide essential minerals,Magnesium for Optimal Health & Well Being.

  • Clean Lean Protein-Helps Muscles & Tissues Maintain Energy/Proper Function.

  • Fermented Foods Cultured Dairy-Probiotics like Yogurt,Kefir,Sauerkraut to Prevent Candidiasis(root cause of fibro)

  • Omega 3 Fats-Healthy Omega 3 fats reduces inflammation and can reduce pain.

  • Antioxidants(Vitamin A,C,E)-Fruits,Vegetables, and Herbs good sources of these potent disease fighters.

At Home Remedies to Ease Pain:

  1. Exercise Daily but don’t over exhaust yourself(Yoga,Light Bike Riding,Light Walking/Running,Stretches,Light Cardio)

  2. Relaxing Bath with epsom salt lavender/eucalyptus(Soak & Relax)

  3. Heating Pad for Back/Body Pain(Headaches Ice Pack 10mins Only)

  4. Tens Machine Use as Needed(Neck,U/L Back,Legs,Arms,Feet,Hands Pain,TMJ)

  5. Pain Relief Cream(OTC/or Prescription Strength)Rub & Repeat as Needed)

  6. OTC Pain Meds or Severe Symptoms Prescription Meds from Pain Management Physician

If You Become Depressed Please SEEK Medical Care. I’m Not a Medical Provider Just Giving You My Advice From My Life Experience and If I Knew A lot of This Info Before Hand and Not Years Later It would of Helped Me Sooner! Hope it Helps. Paying it Forward.

 Arthritis-Has Everything to do with your joints(where your bones connect) wrists,fingers,knees,and hips but some can include your organs/tissues including your skin. About every 1 in 5 have the condition, but it comes more common as you age. The cause of Arthritis is unknown but these factors can play a role in it: Age(Older your joints get worn down),Gender(Most common in women,Genes(RA,Lupus,Ankylosing Spondylosis linked to certain genes,Excess Weight(Carrying extra pounds can start sooner and faster in knees),Injuries(Can cause joint damage that can bring on some types of conditions),Infections(Bacteria,Fungi,viruses can infect joints triggering inflammation),Work(If you work hard with knees bend & squats you might get Osteoarthritis)

Symptoms-Arthritis Mainly Causes Pain Around Joints,You May Also Have: One or More Joints That Are Swollen or Stiff

Joints that Look Red or Warmth to the Touch,Tenderness,Trouble Moving,Problems Doing Everyday Tasks

Pain Can be Constant or Come and Go. Can Range from Mild to Severe. More Severe Cases May Lead to Permanent Damage of the Joints. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are the most common kinds. Osteoarthritis-The Conditions on the end of your bones,Cartilage, wear away. That makes the Bones rub against each other, so you may feel pain in fingers,knees or hips. Usually happens as you age, but if underlying issues it can begin much sooner.

Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA)-is a disease where the body’s own immune system attacks its tissues, that can lead to damaging the joint surface and underlying bone. RA mostly targets the fingers,thumbs,wrists,elbows,shoulders,knees,feet and ankles. It can give you pain from moving, also swelling,stiffness. You may also have: Fatigue,Fever,Weight Loss,Eye Inflammation,Bumps under the Skin called Nodules, and Lung Inflammation.

Seek a Doctor if You have Joint and/or Muscle pain that worsens over time or becomes unmanageable.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight-Added body weight strains joints

  • Improve Your Diet-Avoid inflammatory foods

  • Stay Active-Good for health and long run

  • Seek Medical Help-Help alleviate pain

  • Proteolytic Enzymes-Anti-inflammatory effects

  • Ginger & Turmeric-Analgesic & anti inflammatory effects

  • Boswellia Essential Oil-Drops of Frankincense and coconut oil ease pain

Arthritis Diet

  • Whole Grains-Essential part of diet because fiber reduces levels ofC-reactive protein.(Brown Rice & Oatmeal)

  • Vitamin C-Can slow  progression and reduce inflammation,lower risk.(Oranges & Lemons)

  • Cherries-Cherries and juice help inflammation.cup can reduce pain.(Tart are most effective)

  • Dark Leafy Greens-Vitamin E is the best source,help inflammation.(Kale and Spinach)

  • Green Tea-Contains many antioxidants that can alleviate symptoms,contains polyphenols(anti-inflam)

  • Broccoli-Another great Vitamin E source that contains sulforaphane,which can slow progression

  • Turmeric-Spice that contains curcurim,used in India for years to prevent inflammatory diseases.

  • Garlic-contains diallyl disulfide which prevents enzymes from damaging cartilage,reducing pain.

  •  Soy-contains Isoflavones shown to reduce inflammation in women(tofu and soy milk)

  • Olive Oil-Contains oleocanthal which has anti-inflammatory properties for RA & Osteoarthritis.

  • Fish-Have many omega 3 fatty acids(3 oz twice a week can alleviate symptoms)

  • Nuts-Full of antioxidants that reduce inflammatory effects(Almonds & Walnuts good source)

Ease Pain: OTC Meds,Heat/Ice Pack,Joint/Muscle Rub,Soak in Epsom Bath, Essential Oils, Stretches of Joints,Fingers,Back,Neck, and Massage to ease muscles


This page contains affiliate links that if you choose to click and buy at no extra cost to you, I make a small commission.

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