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Surviving Long Road Trips(with Boys!)

Since we moved 6 hours away from our family and loved ones in 2015, we travel to visit often. Traveling is not the easiest with a car full of kids…boys ages 1,4,11, and 12! Oh yes, pleasing them has taken time to perfect but these tips work for overactive cars loving, cookie snacking messy boys. There is so many fun family activities, devices, treats, and many other time passing things to do. I’ve learned to grin and bare it if a chip or cookie is dropped along the ride because it can simply be vacuumed up. I’ve learned to bring cleaning supplies on road trips because boys are very mess no matter how safe you make it. No matter how many less messy snacks you pick or safe non spill cups you choose to bring, messes will happen. But no worries just try to make the best of it and entertain your kids fully is always a big WIN!

    • Bring cars for boys to play. Hours and hours of playing.

    • Snacks. Chips,graham crackers,fruit snacks,fruit in ziplock baggies,lots of snacks for ride there and back!


This page contains affiliate links that if you click and purchase through my site I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I have bought and used as all my boys(all 4) own an Amazon tablet which has done wonders. They can watch movies,play games,and watch videos even with no Wifi it’s great. Especially on long trips and the battery lasts for awhile.

  • Electronic devices-tablet(Amazon Fire age1,4),ipod touches. Watch movies(Netflix),listen to music w/earbuds,play games downloaded, watch videos on Amazon fire ages 1-4.

  • Disney Game-Listen to Cd’s with Disney music or Pandora is great too. This is a must for Disney movie lovers! Play in teams for fun. When you start the music the first team player who says the Name of the Disney movie wins that song. We do 10 Points each song, the first team to 100 Wins that round. We can play for hours it’s so fun and never gets boring.(Our family loves Disney movies and can name almost everyone,we have seen them all) Great time passer and lots of fun!

  • Books,coloring books,magic markers(mess free),crayons.

  • ISpy Game is always fun to play and has been around for ages and ages. We can play in the car or find things outside.

  • Naptime for the long rides-Always bring each kid a blanket and travel pillow for a comfy long ride. Kids always get tired and no better time than in a car ride for hours, sleepy time. Plus quiet time for the parents.

  • Potty breaks-We always stop 1 time along the way for a restroom break and for kids to stretch their legs. But with boys you can easily bring a use gatorade bottle in car if their is no stores for miles and miles. Boys are easier when it comes to this potty thing and you can put lid on, toss away. We normally don’t do this because it smells but emergencies will happen so good to know.

  • Drink cups with lids, sippy cups w/straws no leaking

  • Surprise Goody Pack for when they do good during the ride. We tell them before we leave so they can have a surprise to look forward to. You can put candy(of their liking),spinner,car and yummy gatorade!

  • Boys are addicted to the new Fidget Spinners-We have them in every color,style design, and all found at our local Flea Market less than $5 each! Keeps them entertained for hours…Literally hours NO JOKE!(It’s Mind Blowing) Reduces stress,ADHD, and fun to kill time…YES Mama has a pink one!

Once you get to your destination you can give them the Surprise Goody Pack or if their really good give it to them about half way. On the way back it’s like a whole other adventure round 2! If you can successfully survive the long road trip one way you definitely have no problem going back. Just think of it as a practice run and gets better with more practice. Sometimes it won’t always go smoothly because you may have fussy babies or cranky kids but most of the time it’s a success. More trips you take the better it will get with the routines and knowing what each kid wants to enjoy the long rides!

The must have for Long Road Trips is a multiple car port charging station like the one below, which I purchased the same one and you charge the whole family’s devices at once.

This page contains affiliate links you don’t have to purchase through my site but if you do I earn a small percentage. 

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