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 We live in South Texas were it is always warm, hot humid and it only  snows once in about every decade. So we decided to plan a family trip to Cloudcroft, New Mexico with our family for a week. Which is a small town with a population less than 700. We headed out on Christmas day with 4 boys on our journey traveling 13 hours,which BTW is our longest drive in the car. I also just got a new SUV for Christmas and excited to break it in and travel in style in my new 2017 GMC Acadia. Yes, very blessed. But just in time because we traded my older Acadia that was having problems. We had to buy several things for our upcoming trip like snow boots, pants, thermals, warm hats, waterproof gloves, and warm waterproof jackets for the whole family. Kids were so excited to actually get to see and walk in the snow because it was a first for us all. Except my hubby because he use to go with his parents and siblings as a kid and loved it. They also came with us and were excited to get to visit with their grandkids. The most important part of taking the kids out to the snow and spending hours is making sure you have the proper attire so nobody gets frostbite or sick.

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After a very long car ride to New Mexico from Texas which was about 13 hours plus stopping for gas a few times, snacks, food, potty breaks, and bonus minus the time change which meant we gained an hour. Woo hoo! When you least expect it and surprise we got to sleep an extra hour which we definitely needed it after that long drive. The only advice I would pass on as for driving for so long with a car full of kids is to be prepared as much as possible. We packed snacks, tablets with chargers, phones with chargers, battery packs charged, pillows, blankets, and comfy clothes to wear on the trip.

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On the first day we cruised around to check out the beautiful scenery while we drove through the mountains. In Cloudcroft the higher we drove the more snow we saw it was amazing to see the kids eyes light up. The first snow stop we made was right in town and it had a park with a skating rink. We weren’t fully dressed for the snow as we had just came to scope the area before check in to the hotel. But kids put on snow boots and jackets to play around the park. We’re use to trying to stay cool and not sweat, so this change of weather and scenery was so interesting to enjoy. The kids enjoyed every bit of it and so did we…a blast! We even tried the ice rink out at Cloudcroft Ice Rink and the kids had never skated before so it was a first for them, but for Mama I enjoyed it because I use to go when I was younger. Priced well for a pair of skates $8 for unlimited time and any size. We even enjoyed some hot chocolate and cappuccinos to warm us up a bit at the snack bar there. We headed to get dinner at a place called Kbob Steakhouse it was pretty good with a variety to choose from and even a salad bar and not too pricey.

The next few days we headed back to the slopes and found a great place to take the kids out to have some fun in the snow. We even found a great place Ski Place to rent snowboards for the day $30-$40 but have to return by 5pm. I wanted to try once and so did my older boys but goodness it was tough. We had fun trying even though we had fallen several times and sure did hurt. But sit in the cold snow and ice it helped. We made snowballs, we sled down the hills, and pulled the baby around in the boggan to keep him entertained. We did make sure to bring snacks during our time at the park in the snow. Our favorite place we took the kids to everyday was a great kid friendly area at the Lincoln National Forest.

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Since we had never been in the snow for hours and for a week in weather as cold as below 30 degrees. We had to keep super warm and the kids didn’t really want to put all the layers of thermals, layers of clothes on top, plus the waterproof snow bib overalls we got at Walmart (for a great low price check out here), the waterproof gloves, beanies, and snow boots. But I know if we didn’t someone or everyone would get sick and as a Mama if I can prevent that I sure had to get stuff on a Budget at Walmart. I even got my hubby’s thermals and my women’s thermal for a great price.

My favorite thing to do as a Mama when we go on trips is to take tons of pics and with my new Iphone X, I don’t need a fancy expensive camera. Memories for a lifetime to treasure those wonderful fun moments. So one day we can go back in time to that super amazing fun week with the family. A picture speaks a thousand words is so true!

 We found this cute barn shop called Old Apple Barn where we found some wonderful souvenirs, old fashioned soda, tasty fudge, and Elk jerky which was so tasty by the way! Kids really enjoyed the Old fashioned root beer and I especially enjoyed the Amaretto fudge. Yummy!  We also found some shops in Ruidoso, NM called Pistachio Land and Heart of the Desert which had wine tasting and the best pistachios. The green chili and garlic was our favorite to sample and we left home with few bags. And we sampled some exquisite wine made from pistachio juice that was really tasty.


We all had an amazing successful family trip and we definitely will be going back. The kids enjoyed the snow but a week there in the snow was just enough because we all were kinda sore from all the walking exploring in the snow, hiking in the slopes, and mainly all the falling in the snow from all the excitement of the snow time. I highly recommend New Mexico kid family friendly. We have memories for a lifetime!

XOXO Tosha Lynn


“Winter kisses in the snow…His Queen, Her King”

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  1. How cool that there was snow! I’ve always heard about how hot New Mexico is. I bet there are a lot of great places to explore. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, it sounded like an awesome family trip.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I’m from snow but my kids are not so they also get super excited when they see it. I would like to take them home where we can sled but that would be driving in it too. We got snow last week and they played in it everyday.

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