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Being a parent you have to have discipline structuring that involves a number of factors but I like to call it Positive Parenting. Knowing what works for your family and what to do when it’s time to discipline to teach your child a lesson so that it changes for the best. I have learned many years by now on what works and what doesn’t work because I have tried almost everything. But over the years I have become wiser,more knowledgeable, and learned better techniques that can help others. If you have all boys or just have a big family this can be very useful parenting advice…so please read on.

Learning to problem solve a simple talking back child and actions you choose for consequences to them. That’s what I intend to do and pass along good parenting advice which involves numerous discipline problem solvers. The hardest thing a parent has to do is be the bad mean parent. But what if you didn’t have to be that, in fact why not change it up and become a positive punisher instead.

Properly disciplining is the key ingredient to a less stressful household. I’ve learned that the approach as a parent can make a world of a difference in the outcome of your child’s reaction. If your child does a bad thing hit,bad potty word slips out,yells at sibling, or doesn’t listen to you it can trigger anger with yelling. Which is never a good choice and doesn’t ever end good. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as mother I have learned that if I approach the misbehaved child positive and understanding the problem can be solved in no time. Explain what they did wrong and make sure they know that it isn’t right to do so they know what was done wrongly. Talking out things can help the overall disciplining process and possibly can lead to positive warnings that stops there. I have in the past been upset and approached negative,loud ending in not so good results. But learning life lessons at parenting and asking your kids what can Mommy improve doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Learning to talk to your kids with respect has helped me become a better mom.

Always understand the situation from all angles to make a better discipline decision. It’s always fair to give a few warnings before taking full action with serious consequences. Example: If your son is throwing toys at wall and you tell him 2 times to stop already, then it’s time to take action. Age 4 & under discipline can be sit down in bed for 10 minutes to cool down or do a chore clean up your room for punishment. Then after they are done sit down with them and have them understand they didn’t listen with the 1st two warnings so now it’s time for punishment so time for “cool off time.” When they are talked to the proper way and understand what was done wrong the outcome is much more stable.

Also the age groups factor in as a big role in choosing the proper discipline. Your not gonna discipline your 1 year old the same as your 12 year old boy. They have a big age difference even though sometimes they act alike at times.(no joke my oldest may throw more fits than my baby) But understand every child is different in many ways from their many personalities.

Having a chore chart for my boys ages 4 and up has helped them understand the quality of life. Everyday we have them do chores with taken turns oldest cleans living room and one bathroom, the middle child cleans bathroom and kitchen. The 2nd youngest cleans his toys up in room. We’re even teaching our 1 year old to clean up toys after he’s done and sing the clean up song. “Clean up Clean up, Everybody everywhere, Clean up Clean up Everybody Do Your Share!” He enjoys it and thinks it’s so fun to do. If you make it fun and start at a young age, it will stick with them and won’t seem like torture as their older. Example: If my 12 year old talks back, he gets a warning but if it continues then he gets an electronic taken away for the day. He can work towards getting it back if he does chores that I give him and always talk kindly with him to let him understand that it’s very disrespectful to disobey parents. Also that he needs to be a better role model for his younger siblings so they can learn from him. Asking him what can we do to fix this so we don’t get to this situation again? Learning to talk one on one can make such a huge impact on your child and not calling him out in front of everyone. It’s better to take him from others and have a positive reinforcement conversation when they’re that age. Also a big important tip is to not to be friends with your kids but be the parent. What I mean is to make sure you don’t let them walk all over you in circumstances but let them know who’s the parent(boss) and learn from their mistakes.

This page contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you I may receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I have bought and have in my household. Btw these tablets are great for ages 1-18 but I do play¬†occasionally¬†and I’m little older than that!!

Now rewarding your children when they do something positive and is such a blessing. If your child cleans up without a fuss or takes out the trash without being told can brighten my day. Having boys it doesn’t happen constantly but it does every so often which opens my eyes. I like to reward my kids with a great complement which can lift them up and make a world of a difference. Telling them I’m so proud of you and how much your maturing to a young man. Also we reward with behavior for some time that we take them to a store to get cars. Showing you care and appreciate how much they mean to you is so positive for kids. Always let them know when they do good so you can make a positive impact. Not just telling them or lecturing them when they do wrong. I’ve made that mistake in the past and have been on the road to no looking back. Just not fair. But as a parent learning your own mistakes and fixing them for your children is the greatest lesson as a role model.

Learning as you go is part of parenting but finding what works in your household is a blessing. Having a stable environment is a must but not only that making sure you stick to your discipline rules. Being a parent it’s ok to make mistakes and have our days that we say wrong things, we’re human not perfect. But I am still learning as I go because the older they get the more changes occur like attitude and behaviour. So with that I have to stay on mommy duty always and be on my game always. But if you focus on the positive impacts of disciplining it can have amazing results. Which lead to positive results from all starting with the way you approach the situation. Always approach any chaotic situation calm cool and collective as much as you can while walking towards screaming kids. At least try.

Positive Discipline Actions

  • Find out problem so you can know what actions to take.

  • Solve problem which means talking to child and understanding why.

  • Correct the problem of what was done wrong and how to fix issue.

  • Always approach situation positive,friendly,and open minded.

  • Warning is always nice but too many can be taken advantage of situation.

  • Talking out what can be done next time in this situation for better results.

  • Positive Punishment of doing chores or calm down sit to get Free!

But now days most of our children have Electronic Devices like tablets, laptops, phones, game system devices, and televisions. So with that being known in our household going to the main source and favorite pastimes of our children is the easiest for parents. What I mean is that it will hurt them the most when they don’t listen, don’t do chores, back talk, or any other negative problem. I Do like to give up to 3 Warnings of telling them to either do what they need to or Stop doing something they know not to. So if they just don’t’ listen to a word then goes an electronic until things are done to fix what was done wrong or wasn’t done when asked. I’m definitely not a spanking parent, sorry tried it and just doesn’t properly get good ending results. All I can say is when you stick to a routine and stay strong as a parent with a great household, everything becomes consistent. Nobody wants to be the bad guy but it has to be done to have respectful children with Positive Parenting.


XOXO Tosha Lynn

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