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Potty Time

Being a Mama of 4 Boys I have somewhat experience in potty training boys. One of my most valuable tips to remember is that you have to understand that every child is different. Not any of my boys are the same especially when it comes to the potty training experience. And I know that now but I can admit it did take me some time to understand that and let it really sink in.

About 10 years ago when my oldest boy was a tot I was young and didn’t know much about the potty training thing. But I did the best I could and when I thought he was ready. He was 2 at the time and caught on so fast and I really didn’t have to do much. I used the froot loop shooting game, the persistent asking him to go, and the get a prize whether it was a candy or tiny toy to pick out. But few weeks went by and we had the potty training down, I felt so successful! Looking back I may have just gotten lucky because I was so young at the time and didn’t know much of anything.


So with my second son I was like,(OH this is easy breezy,no problem) “I got this potty thing down”. So at age 2 I attempted to start the potty training, with the same routine as his older bro. Well months went by and I will still trying to bribe with candy, toys, use the cool cereal trick, and even used the “hey let’s go outside on the grass,how cool?!” But that was not gonna work. So just tried for months and was just really getting frustrated at the time. But eventually he got the hang of it and he graduated from pull ups. I felt like he was never gonna get the hang of it. But not just that I felt like a failure.

Years later(about 6)with my 3rd child becoming a tot. Before he turned 2 I did my research on all the potty training that I could find. Being much older and wiser, I figured I would research beforehand to be prepared. From Pinterest,web search, vlogs, and from experiences from friends & family. We started with him wearing pull ups for few weeks and being consistent on taking him potty throughout the day. We made a big deal every time he went potty. If he had an accident in the pull up we just let him know that big boys need to go in the potty every time they feel the need. So since he was doing so good we upgraded him to underwears that he picked out at the store. That a big deal for him to pick out ninja turtles,power rangers, and star wars. He had the pooping in the potty down right away, he didn’t have any accidents in the underwear. But he did have a few peeing accidents in them, which was ok because it’s part of the training. A little tip from what I learned, the sooner you put your child in underwear the faster they will train. Because their was days that I let him wear pull ups when I didn’t want to put underwear on because we had to go to stores or travel, My mistake and I wish I never did that, but you learn and grow from that. So very important while potty training just be consistent in staying in the underwear and not going back and forth to pull ups. It’s very confusing for the trainee. If you’re traveling or going places use a pet pee pad for accidents and extra change of clothing(a MUST). But good tip of advice if you have a set schedule of your childs times they potty, which my child always usually did pee and poop same time clockwork. So try to jot down weeks before you start the process and it will make it easier for the parent to stay on that schedule.

But remember my advice and tips are just from my child’s potty training experience. That doesn’t automatically mean it will work exactly for your child’s experience. But hopefully some of my knowledge will help in your situation. I have high hopes with these tips because it’s all a learning game. I know a lot of parents say they can train in a 3 day weekend, yes this can happen just may not be 100% perfect after the weekend. I am being realistic from my experience hands on with my son. I’m not saying it can’t be done but realize every child is different, so just don’t expect it from every child. I’ve even heard girls are faster learners because their more advanced. And I have seen that with walking girls age 9 months vs my boys which didn’t walk until after age 1.  But I have all boys so I’m not sure, just from friends and family that have girls. Also take in consideration your child may have an accident once in awhile weeks later, just randomly and that’s okay. Also my middle son had bed wetting problems at night only randomly until around age 6 because he was a heavy sleeper.

When they are ready and parents are on board it will happen. Patience,consistency, and rewarding is the key factors I believe in getting the results.



I love this potty for my son because it’s super soft and comfy for him to sit on if he’s on there for awhile without hurting his booty! We had a few before with characters as mickey mouse and paw patrol but cute isn’t always reliable. Plus it has the suctions that work and hold on tight so it’s not moving around while he’s struggling to use it just overall a great potty seat to use for all kids boys or girls. Also it’s easy for my son to do all by myself so a plus in book definitely give it a 5 stars.

Tips & Tricks Process for Successful Potty Training

  • Explain to your child that it’s time to be a big boy and he’s gonna now start going potty in the potty. Tell him no more pull ups and were gonna wear cool fun undies.I recommend getting fun characters like Cars,Lion King,Toy Story and/or Mickey Mouse that your child will enjoy putting on. Tip: The sooner you put your child in undies the quicker he will understand it’s time, faster transition!

  • Have a chart with the schedule of potty time and have fun stickers to add when he goes like a big boy in the potty. When he has 3 stickers in a row there will be a reward. The schedule will help the parent and the child, but also make fun. So make sure we always show proud excitement when they do go potty each time. It makes such a big difference. You can have them put froot loops in potty and try to pee on them.

  • Try to stay home during the process. Put on undies on your child full time, no looking or going back to pull up and/or diapers. Otherwise take a potty pet pad to sit in car seat just in case, with extra clothes. Staying home will help you focus on the training and stick with the schedule so less accidents will happen. Tip: Plan to stay home all weekend.

  • If you know your child goes poop once a day, make sure you sit him on potty around that same time. Give him a fun picture book,tablet, or phone to play games while waiting. He will be more calmer and at ease. If you make it fun for them, they will want to always go potty and not dread it. If it’s boring and not fun then they will hate going and fight you with everything they have. That’s a good tip of advice from my experience! Plays a big role.

  • Don’t give your child liquids 1-2 hours before bedtime, and Always make him go potty before bed. We don’t want any nighttime accidents. It may take few days if you are very consistent with all of these tips and factors while training. But their are some kids that don’t catch on that quick so just hang in there and don’t give up. They just may need more time but they will come around.


The 5 Most Important Factors

  • Patience-Always have patience when potty training. What I mean by that is if your child is not ready then don’t force him. Let him tell you when hes ready and you can see by his actions. Getting upset and impatient just makes the process harder for everyone. If you take him potty and he doesn’t go then, wait and take him again minutes later. Until he needs to go, you can continue asking nicely. Make him feel like a big boy.

  • Consistency-Be very consistent with the schedule of going potty. When your child wakes up take him potty. Have a written schedule of the same times during the day, and add in the factor when he drinks lots of liquid. He needs to follow up with potty time. When going poop have him sit down with tablet or phone to be comfy and calm so he can do his thing. Keep up the routine throughout the day with taking him consistently to the potty every few hours, and it will become a routine for him.

  • Rewards-Now this part is gonna be your child’s favorite part of the whole training duty. When he goes get excited and make a big deal each time. When he sees how happy and proud you are he will feel good like a big boy. Reward him when he starts to go numerous times constantly, like after a day fully or 2 days. Then you can let him know that a prize is coming for the big boy for being a big boy going potty. You can take him to the store and pick out a cool prize his choice.

  • Reminder-As the parent we have to constantly remind our child that he needs to go potty because they’re use to wearing a diaper and going in there. So I notice when my boys are playing they tend to forget to do things, when having fun. So Big Tip of Advice continue making them aware that their wearing undies and they need to go potty if they feel the urge to.

  • Potty Ready to GoMake sure you have the potty ready for them to go all set up. If you have a small potty then have it clean and good to go. But if they are using your toilet then have there stepping stool and potty topper ready to grab then prop on top. Making it easier for the child and parent will make the whole process easy breezy, less time so faster results. Less accidents for your child. Always inform good hygiene after every potty visit, wash hands with soap, rinse and dry good.


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