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Pregnancy Advice and Breastfeeding Tips From An Experienced Mama

I have been a Mama for many years, I had my first baby boy in 2004. Having a baby is overwhelming but also such a joyful time. I have felt that same excitement with every pregnancy and birth of my baby boys(all 4 of my LO’s) I have also learned so many new, old tips and advice that’s helpful for new mothers to be. As well as after having a baby with breastfeeding to a sick LO which is never fun(scary for moms no matter how many LO’s we have).

Being pregnant for me was tough because I got such terrible back pain from the Sacroiliac Joint Pain/Sciatica Joint Pain, which got worse with each new pregnancy. So the first 2 pregnancies I was younger, slimmer and didn’t have much pain at all. But I noticed the older I got and more weight I had put on really put a lot of stress and discomfort on my back, I did learn techniques that helped my pregnancy joint pain relief to a minimal, which I will share with you. Yoga stretches are a great daily routine and to start your day, but also can be done throughout the day. Warm baths with epsom salt are very relaxing for the muscles right before bed, so you can sleep better. But a must purchase is the body pregnancy pillow, they have in cute colors and does wonders on your sleep and back. You can click below and find this amazing pillow that will be the last pregnancy pillow you buy. But also can even be used after baby for breastfeeding or just laying LO down on the big fluffy pillow. This page contains an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

My biggest secret I used throughout my pregnancy was a maternity belt I purchased at Babies R Us for about $20 back in 2013. It literally changed my life of pregnancy discomfort pains and pressure of the baby. I was working full time as well and I was so grateful to wear that daily to relieve back pain while on my feet for hours. You can also buy it online Amazon has some cheaper ones and Ebay too. Also a good tip is to try to get a pregnancy massage when you can 2x monthly is great, more the better. Heating pad helped when it got really inflamed and put your feet up when you can. Especially after a long day of working and on your feet all day for hours. Sit down and prop some pillows up with your feet right on top for an hour or so will help with those swollen feet and ankles(cankles LOL eww).


Now healthy eating is not just good for you but better for your baby that you’re feeding and is growing in your tummy. Just remember everything you consume is going to nourish your baby. Please no smoking or any illegal drugs while pregnant it’s just wrong, your baby should have a choice. Try to eat healthy picks like chicken, cooked fish, vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water throughout the day. You will be amazed at how great you feel when you choose healthier choices. It’s hard sometimes when you’re so hungry and eating for 2 that you wanna get fast food or greasy food that is unhealthy for the both of you. I’m not gonna pretend like the whole time I was pregnant that I ate healthy homemade meals daily, because that’s not the case. But I have learned that what we choose to eat makes us feel better inside and out. Always take your prenatal vitamins daily so that your baby gets all the vitamins they need to grow.

Having a baby for the first time is such a joy and breathtaking. I didn’t know you could feel so connected and fall in love with such a small being at the moment you have them in your arms. And knowing that you made that LO and they will always be apart of your heart forever. Having a baby will change your whole life in many ways. From having to feed your baby every few hours,to changing diapers, and not sleeping through the night. It can be very overwhelming at times but knowing and learning as you go can help you become a better mommy. My first two boys I was so young and didn’t the things I know now as I am older. I tried to breastfeed as well with my first and 2 weeks later I quit because I didn’t have the patience or the knowledge I do now. I wish I had someone tell me to just have more patience because breastmilk is the best gift you can give your baby. So with my 3rd baby four years ago in 2013 I had supporters and other new moms around me that had experience with breastfeeding. So with that I was prepared and older with more patience but also had supporters.(a must in my book) I stayed home for 2 months with my baby and got to breastfeed around the clock and on demand which was easier than I thought it would be. But going back to work was harder because I had to leave my baby but also had to pump every few hours to drain these full babies from all this milk I was making. I had a job that had all women and mothers that had a privacy room that I could pump and was a blessing. I think that made a world of a difference because if I didn’t have a job like that then it would’ve been tough to keep my milk going. The more your release your milk the more you make, but if you slow down or stop it will go away. It’s very important to eat small healthy snacks and lots of water during the day because of the burning calories every time you pump or breastfeed. I got to breastfeed throughout the night, in morning, and when I got off work. I had milk pumped for him throughout the day when mommy was working all day.(Only 4 days a week not bad) Their is also foods, supplements, and drinks you can make to help with more milk. Patience,healthy eating,supplements can do wonders with milk supply!

This page contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you which I may receive a small commission if you purchase through my site. But I only recommend products I adore and have used. This amazing Medela Hands Free Breastpump Double Duty was my BFF during my going back to work days! it’s easy to use and clean but also hands free! You can literally walk around and pump but even better while traveling in the car you can pump away. It’s worth the buy and you get your money’s worth with every drop of golden milk you pump.

The most important factors in breast milk supply is to never stop or wait longer than feedings, if you can’t feed then just pump. Because the longer you wait to release the milk the less the supply, it will start decreasing and it’s devastating. But if you wanna succeed then just don’t give up. Their will be times when it’s overwhelming and just too much because it’s all your doing these days. But it’s well worth it and it becomes a routine so it’s easier than you think.

Do This to Increase Milk Supply

Drink Mother’s Milk Tea,Fenugreek, More Milk Plus

Stay Hydrated drink lots H20*+8 Cups Daily

Get Plenty of Sleep(baby sleeping,nap too), Relax/Stress Less=More Milk

Eat Oatmeal Everyday,Lactation Cookies,Lactation Smoothies

Increase time 15-30 min sessions,Medela double pump recommended, Hot shower or Heat Before Pumping Helps Supply

Offer both breasts during feedings,Skin to skin contact,Massage breasts during feedings to help with Milk, Correct Latching of breasts, Pump after Nursing, Correct Shield Size(wrong size painful/doesn’t get milk correctly)

Now while breastfeeding it’s pretty common to get Blocked Milk Ducts and it’s not fun one bit. Goodness the first time I got one it hurt like the dickens! I had googled everything about painful nipple and didn’t even know what it was at the beginning. But I sure did learn very quick and got some great tips that I wanna share here.

Blocked Milk Duct Home Remedies

Relax and Try Not to Stress, Your Milk May Seem Like it’s Slowing Down But it’s just Temporary

Massage,Massage Your Breast that’s Sore Like Crazy(More the Better!)

Hot Showers, Heat Pad(Massage More While Applying Heat)

Nurse, While Nursing Massage and Heat Right Before Will Loosen Up, Pumping Can Help More w/ the Pain

It will be Painful but continue Massaging,Apply Heat,Nurse and/or PUMP continuously

Usually takes 1-3 Days but the more you continue these remedies it will be back to normal sooner!

Their will be many obstacles that will wanna make you give up or just slowly not want to breastfeed anymore. But having a great support system as I did helped me tremendously which otherwise would of been harder for me. I had women around me at work pregnant at the same time and pumping/nursing same time as well, so was very easy for me because I wasn’t the ONLY one doing this. I had pumping buddies at work and at home I had my hubby helping me being very supportive. Which is the top reasons why I kept pushing for nursing my baby until age 1. I felt at this age he was ready for Whole Milk and all mother’s have their opinions but mine was weeing at age 1 then switching him to whole milk. So many great things I have learned and have kept as knowledge that I want others to know. Any Breastmilk is better than non, if you go for 2 months or for 1 year Good Job! Your baby’s getting the best nutrients and research shows that babies are less likely to get sick such as colic or other sickness’ and I agree 100% now. Besides a few runny noses and teething my 2 boys that were breastfeed rarely got sick and I truly believe it’s because of my Golden Milk! Choosing to breastfeed is not only a gift but also a choice you have to stick with and love it. It’s worth every drop,every ounce of milk you get is closer to a healthier life for your baby. Plus it’s said to make babies smarter!

 This page contains an affiliate links at no extra cost to you if you purchase I make a small commission though my site. I only recommend products I have used and worked for me to pass along. Thanks for your support. Every penny counts.

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