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Slime Time

The fun kid friendly crafty icky sticky messy Slime that all kids are raving about. We decided to try out the Slime Kit at Hobby Lobby and show how easy it is as 1,2,3 to make in no time. The kit comes with everything you will need to make the slime but you will also need a bowl, spatula, storage container, and cleaning supplies(no joke!). Below is everything that comes in the kit and it can make 2 doses of slime. The container and the foam beads did NOT come with the kit. But my son wanted to add these to his glittery sparkly sticky slime for fun texture! Warning be careful when you open the bag of foam beads because they go everywhere.


Supplies Needed:

(1) 5 oz Clear Glue

(1)2.3 oz Magical Liquid

(1) Spatula

(1) Mixing Bowl

(1) Glitter Glue Pen(any color)

(1) Container(ziplock bag works)

Mini Foam Beads(handful)

Cleaning supplies: soap, sanitizer, clorox wipes


So now it is slime time once we had all of our supplies ready to go! Poured in the clear 5 oz glue, then the glitter glue pen of kids choice, and the 2.3 oz magical liquid. Mix, Mix, Mix very thoroughly with a spatula while its setting all together consistently. We added the mini foam beads after 2 minutes and then used our hands to knead together carefully because it’s very sticky and has a mind of its own. Wasn’t too fond of how sticky this stuff is and how it really, really sticks to your hands and fingers.

Steps: Place (1) 5 oz clear glue, (1) Magical liquid, (1) Glitter glue pen, and/or mini Foam Beads all together. Knead with hands after 2-5 minutes. 

It’s super easy to do and it was fun to do this crafty slime experiment with my son. We usually buy the already made slime that comes in all different colors and/or putty that glows or changes colors. But this is definitely a great crafty DIY to involve a 4+ year old and have a great little helper.

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Now it’s Slime Time! We do have a baby in the house so we have to be careful not to leave out or where he can reach. Which the container or a ziplock bag is great for keeping moist and not drying out. Enjoy!


XOXO Tosha Lynn

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  1. My 10 year-old daughter LOVES making slime! She spends all of her allowance on glue and slime-making supplies and asks for these at gift-giving time! Thanks for this post! Pinning to show my daughter later!

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