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Learning the ins and outs of motherhood comes with lots of searching for solutions on a daily basis. For the longest time I have searched high and low for stain removal that works on ink, melted crayon,ketchup,mustard,juice,dirt,grass, etc the list goes on and on but finding what actually works may not be as easy as you think! I’ve had success with the lovely Grandmas Secret Spot Remover for a numerous amount of stains and it’s great it comes in a spray bottle or a squeeze spot remover!

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I’ve also tried the Oxiclean Max Spray cleaner and the Oxiclean detergent powder that works pretty well for almost all mild stains but not the tough hard to get out stains.

Then there’s the Spray n Wash that has been around for ages but does it work? I’ve used it lots of times for all kinds of kid stains and have never gotten a full successful stain removal. I’ve sprayed let soak for hours and still hasn’t worked for me so definitely not on my list of products that I would recommend.

I Sometimes feel like my kids are just the messiest ever and they somehow get the tough caked on stains that are impossible to remove! Can anyone else relate?!? I have gotten so frustrated sometimes especially on a brand new white shirt or light colored shorts which shows up like Christmas during a Halloween party! And I will admit in the past I have thrown away brand new clothes because I tried and the stain was so horrific that I gave up ๐Ÿ™ But I tried so many stain spot removals that I finally made my own DIY that actually works on the first wash. Yeeeeesssss!!!!??!!! No joke. Those tough hard to get out lovely pen inks explosion,pen marks, crayon melting,ketchup,chocolate ice cream, grass stains, and even the pretty marker drawing! I’m gonna warn you it’s not the best smelling spray to make but for me if it works I’ll try anything.

Supplies You Will Need:

(1)Spray bottle(empty),Vinegar(any brand white distilled),Soap(any brand I prefer Gain)

Step One-Fill up the empty spray bottle with Vinegar 3/4 (strong smelling odor feel free to use a mask).

Step Two-Add Soap(A good squeeze does the job!) & Shake Shake Shake.

Step Three-Spray stain until area is soaked. You will see stain foamy from soap!

Then throw in wash right away, you can let sit out for 15 mins. But works for me either way. Just choose your preference.


Results are right before your eyes. You can see the before where the red crayon melted in the dryer on many shirts and shorts but I only took pics of the tough ones. The after is incredible and since I started to make my own spot spray remover I have not bought anymore branded sprays! And why would I when my DIY does the trick. Good luck and hope this helps all the other Mamas out there with those tough hard to get out stains that with this easy to make 2 Ingredient spray you can be a happy camper like this Mama here! Please try and would love to hear from anyone that tries it and pics too! The results are endless. You can never have enough and the spray bottle comes in hand so easy to make and reuse anytime. Which for me with 4 dirty messy boys I am always finding every single stain you can think of on their clothes. Hope you Enjoy! Do Try!

XOXO Tosha Lynn


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26 comments on “Stain Removal”

  1. Stain removers are LIFE once you have a kid of two lol. Great suggestions. I read this entire thing like hmm, I could have used that to clean such and such. Ooh, I remember that time they got xyz on the new rug …

    • Yes it truely works wonders pls try and see for yourself. I use this every time for laundry on the kids clothes because it’s a never ending story for stains. No joke!

    • I feel ya I’ve tried many many stain spot removers and not that great. But do try and let me know how it goes, I’m sure good because it is the bomb for me. Has saved many garments and the only last stain remover I’ll ever use.

  2. Stains are the worst! I’ve never heard of Grandma’s Secret stain remover. I have tried my own recipes though similar to yours. They work great!

    • Neverending stains here so yes Grandmas works good u should try it contains lemon but the vinegar and soap is for more stubborn stains that I can’t do with out!

  3. Bookmarking! With boys who like to get dirty outside, I’m always looking for the best DIY stain remover ideas. I’ll have to try this one out. Thanks!

  4. If thereโ€™s something that comes in handy for me with two small kids, itโ€™s stain remover! Iโ€™ll have to try this out! And trust me…itโ€™s not just your kids lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes anything to help make Mama Life easier,is a blessing. Messy is not fun but I’m glad I can share something that can help other moms like this one!

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