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I really enjoy sewing as a hobby and have taught myself how to sew all kinds of fun things. Like baby shorts,baby pants,baby bibs,pacifier clip holders,baby blankets,baby girl skirts,baby girl dresses, and many more. I have my mother and grandmother’s that have always sewed clothes and blankets growing up. I remember wearing the cutest top and shorts set with patterns of hearts with colorful designs. Getting fun quilts from my grandmother which she enjoyed sewing for many years. But I never learned from them, a few years ago I was very interested in making baby stuff because I was expecting a baby. But going on my 4th baby boy I really had a niche for baby girl stuff that I wanted to make and sell online. So I am currently in the process of selling and hoping many will like and enjoy my styles of baby clothes,blankets and accessories. I’m still new at sewing and learning as I go still but teaching myself has been a gift for me. Their is some great videos on tutorials on how to sew this and that but some that I had to learn and figure out myself. So soon I will start making videos Vlogs of tutorials on sewing all kinds of fabric,sewing stitching,what kinds of accessories to use when and how, and how to make a gift for a loved one. Here’s my webiste that has my sewing products to view and purchase:

Click Here to Visit my Handmade Baby Clothing!

XOXO Tosha Lynn

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