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Hubby & Wifey Vacation

(1st Trip without kids!)


Well this trip of ours was long overdue with just the 2 of us as Hubby and Wife.. .without the kiddos! We have always taken family road trips, vacations with the family, and anytime we went away we have taken all Four of our Boys.Maybe it’s because we moved about 6 hours away from our family of FREE babysitters. So once our LO was finally 1 Year old and I was not breastfeeding anymore we planned our Getaway!

We booked with Allegiant airlines (1st time using the airline)and reserved a room at The Flamingo. Reserved the flights as well, and had our kiddos planned to stay with grandparents. It was 6 hours away but we had no other choice, we just had to fly out of our hometown(our favorite city anyway Austin,TX), so not a problem with us. We got a really great package deal since we purchased months in advance. Payment totalled out to a little over a grand so not bad for a 4 day Vegas Trip!

We were ecstatic & nervous because we had never left our boys with anyone before. Even though it was my parents, it was still scary for us, I mean yes they did raise me. It was more of, making sure we packed everything for them portable crib, high chair,clothes, diapers,their favorite snacks,toys(lots of cars), and maybe our whole house just in case(LOL it was a thought). But I wasn’t the best packer and that scare me the most, high chance I would forget something but as long as it wasn’t too important.

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But also I thought what if we’re in Vegas and one of the boys gets sick or has an accident,not being there at the time. Now that would be heartbreaking for us being parents and that one time we get away,and not being able to help. But we had to reassure ourselves that everything would go smoothly and kids were in great hands. Not to mention we were way past overdue for our Never Got a Honeymoon,No Kids Vacation, Grown-up time, and What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas(with your spouse LOL)!

The day comes we had all suitcases packed for the boys plus us, and we take off driving to grandparents house…6 hours away. Roadtrip! We left on Thursday late morning, and got in town to spend the night at my parents. We wanted to get there the night prior so we could settle in the boys and have them adjust to being there.(Since they never spent the night without us!) They did very well and kinda made us feel better,so it eased our stress of leaving them.

Friday came and we had everything ready for us to leave and we told the boys bye, See ya back soon! We headed to the airport and checked in online prior to arriving, went through security and baggage check-in easily. Then we wait for take off, which didn’t go too smooth. So this was our first experience with Allegiant Airline and wasn’t good at all. So our flight got delayed until hours later and we wait, but also hear other stories of the day before being cancelled. Just wasn’t looking good for us and I was starting to think that maybe this was a bad sign for us. I am that person that if I see signs and things happen wrong, I feel it’s bad luck. After hours of waiting, about 4 to be approximate, we boarded our plane and took off. We got into Vegas around 2am, mind you we were exhausted from the wait being delayed and we had to checkin at hotel which was another hour because the line was so long.(Our Luck,I guess it couldn’t get worse) By the time we did all that and grabbed food, we were drained and had decided to get rest for the remaining days. We went to bed 3am Vegas time which was really 5am our time, I now know what jetlagged meant.

We got some pretty good rest and woke up fresh, ready to start our vacation weekend grown-ups Only this trip! Since we never did that before we actually got to relax and not worry about kids misbehaving or anything like that. We had so much fun we did walk so much the whole time we were there and it was refreshing. We did some slot machines at our hotel and also The Linq, and signed up for rewards program. I wasn’t a big gambler so I stayed at the slots pennies,quarters, and dollars only. I did manage to win about Nineteen dollars which wasn’t bad at all for me. We walked around The Strip and got some drinks like Dos Equis and frozen slushy liquored drinks that were really good. We definitely let loose and enjoyed our quality time together. When you have kids especially 4 Wild Boys it’s very important to try and have your quality time with your spouse. We got tickets as a gift for the Ricky Martin Concert, so we got all dressed up for the big night and headed to The Monte Carlo. The concert was amazing, he performed some of my favorite hits like “Livin La Vida Loca” and “Shake Your Bon Bon”! We really enjoyed ourselves there and we even got few drinks while we watched the concert and took pics and video! Very memorable and then we hit up some of the slots and my hubby played Black Jack(his favorite). We ended the night.

Sunday morning came and we dressed casual for the day as we headed to Caesars Palace for their outstanding buffet we heard about. We enjoyed great food but it wasn’t like your typical buffet food, it was classy upscaled fantastic variety. We filled up with a variety of sushi(Fresh),crab,lobster eggs benedict, soups, and many more delicious food to choose from. Plus they served us unlimited mimosas that kept coming and we lost count after an hour. But with combination with water and coffee it kept us going and then enjoyed the amazing variety of desserts, and goodness that got me in trouble. Because dessert is my favorite part of my meal always, so I splurged and didn’t care about calorie counting at that moment. As we finally ate for breakfast and lunch,(plus much more) we finally headed out to walk the Strip.


We walked to The Fashion Show Mall and it was a pretty large 3 story mall that had about every store you can think of. We checked out Victoria Secret Pink(of course my favorite),Tory Burch,Nike Factory and H&M but did leave with few things from Pink plus purse,flip flops and a wallet from TB. It was my first gifts from Tory Burch from my hubby for our anniversary. We headed back to the hotel to change for the night(wardrobe change), not to mention Vegas is really hot(high 114) so we had to freshen up anyway. We then went to have fun for our last night in the city that doesn’t sleep(literally) and full of light. We took a cab to The Golden Steer which was kinda pricey but we shared steak which was enough for our whole family. This oldest restaurant in Vegas that served Elvis,Marilyn Monroe(one of my icons),Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra…how cool is that we ate there! We took a taxi to Monte Carlo and hit the slots but I took a chance and for the first time I played a table game called Mini-Baccarat. Had so much fun learning the game and watch at first before I put my first $100 down. But when I did I was up about $400 by the time I walked away and started with only $100, so it was a great night for me as well. My hubby played too and ended up winning about $1000 which was really great but he’s more experienced with the table games. So Lucky for him! We went to the High Roller Ferris Roller which we both aren’t a fan of heights but it goes 550 feet over the city,rated high from tourists. It was pretty,you’re standing in a ferris wheel closed ball(like a giant hamster ball) and get to view all the light and take pics. Was fun but boy was I happy to touch the ground 40 mins later. We grabbed some food and called it a night.




Monday morning, the day of check-out and flight back to Austin to get our boys. Which we missed so much, but this was a much needed trip to get a break from reality. We packed up and checked out early, so we could go to some shops to get gifts for our boys. We grabbed our last taxi(thank goodness) and headed to the Vegas airport. We checked in prior and then waited. But our experience back was better than coming to Vegas, so that was good. Our flight on Allegiant airlines was on time and we took off. Left at 3 pm and got to Austin at 8 pm(time change 2 hours), we lost 2 hours so glad they were awake but the boys were so happy to see us. They enjoyed their gifts we got them and we were jetlagged again so rest,because we had to drive back in morning. We left in afternoon Tuesday morning and our 6 hour road trip back home, back with our family again.

This was our first trip away from our boys but it won’t be our last. It went better than we expected so we will plan more fun adult trips for us. You don’t have to feel bad about it because as long as your boys are in good hands,you can enjoy a relaxing getaway with your significant other.


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